Footwear for Back Pain

Footwear for Back Pain

Many research studies show that there is a strong connection between unhealthy footwear and back pain. This medical condition is one that troubles a large section of the population. A popular myth is that back pain is solely an ailment afflicting elderly people. In fact, men as well as women of all ages can suffer back pain. One of the most commonly prescribed recovery tips is using back support shoes. These are specially designed shoes that offer the necessary support to minimize back pain and re-align muscles or bones in the long term.

Footwear for back pain has certain characteristics that distinguish it from any other type of footwear. The best shoes for back pain are those that are designed to work around the arch of the foot. They naturally shape themselves around the foot, without forcing it into uncomfortable positions. They are also usually padded with soft and comfortable materials. As a rule, the best shoes for lower back pain do not come with towering heels; quite the opposite. In fact, they usually come with minimal heels. The whole point here is that the shoe promotes the most comfortable and healthy alignment of the legs, back and neck.

Unsound footwear can ruin the alignment of the bone structures above and cause problems even when there are none. This is why many experts recommend that women experiencing back pain, who regularly wear heels, should wear the best back support shoes to realign their backs and help their body recover.

That does not, of course, mean that for those with back ailments like frozen knots or lower back pain, shoes have to be ugly or boring. In fact, many back support shoes are incredibly stylish and beautiful, made with as much care, planning and designing forethought as other evening-wear shoes. Though they will have a specific design to promote good health, there is no limit to the kinds of pretty fabrics, embellishments and motifs used. A wide variety of materials can be used. From luxurious real leather to affordable faux leather, soft silk and velvet to sumptuous brocade, both Indian and western materials are employed to create beautiful, evening-wear shoes. Since towering heels are not allowed, designers often use intricate and artistic embroidery and embellishments to make back support shoes appropriate for parties. Sequins, stones and beads, as well as resham and zari work, are used to create delicate designs all over the shoe. Different hues, from bright reds, greens and yellows to pastel shades of blue and pink, are available. The casual-wear back pain shoes with pretty printed designs and motifs can also, by no means, be considered ugly. Of course, there are plenty of plain varieties with subtle, muted hues and designs as well. Women as well as men will find many interesting options in any back support shoes collection. With such appealing choices, they will never have to feel that they have to choose between their health and looking stylish.

Nowadays, shoe designers have also figured out a way to construct back support shoes which can add to the height of the wearer, without compromising on the health. The back support wedge is the best example of this. It is a shoe with a ‘wedge’, a kind of chunk of material which lifts the shoe off the ground. Typically, the back-friendly varieties come with a flat wedge of the same length throughout the shoe (as opposed to the sloping wedge heels seen in most collections). They can be of varying heights, from a sparse 1 inch to 3-4 inches. These are a boon for women who like to get a little height in their ensemble, but also have to deal with back problems. Different designs can be used to make them appropriate for casual wear, formal wear or party wear.

Attractive Varieties of Footwear for Back Pain

Footwear trends are always changing. Luckily for women everywhere, comfortable and back friendly footwear is actually hugely trendy right now. Most of the top shoe designers are coming up with stylish design for the casual wear back support wedge heels, which has made them acceptable footwear even for those who are not bound by doctor’s prescriptions!

One can pair them up with different types of ensembles. The casual wear varieties made of leather, canvas or suede would be very suitable for tunics and leggings ensembles. The fancier varieties with sparkling sequins, stones and beads are usually paired up with the formal, evening-wear tunics and salwar kameez. The designs of the shoe can be matched to the design on the garment. These shoes are also available in a diverse range of colors so women can definitely find the appropriate shade to match with a brightly colored ethnic garment.

With sarees, back support wedge heels are a better choice than the flat varieties. This is because sarees require a certain amount of height to create the right drape.