Unique Bangles Watches

A bangle watch is, as the name suggests, a watch in the shape and size of a bangle. In terms of its look, it resembles a bangle, a circular, rigid bracelet worn on the wrist. Usually, a bangle is slipped on though one can also find varieties that come with a clasp. Bangles watches combine this rigid, smooth, circular shape with the functionality of a watch, creating a truly classy piece of accessory for ladies who want to combine style with practical considerations.

Bangles watches for women have become one of the most popular new accessories in the market since they were invented. They have a very feminine, delicate look because of the thin and smooth bangle shape. Typically, ladies’ bangle watches have a small dial to complement the shape and size of the bangle. As compared to the chunky ‘bracelet’ style watches, these are quite elegant and chic and are much in demand amongst high fashion society women because of their high end look. Also, women’s bangle watches are actually quite comfortable and easy to wear as compared to bracelet ones. They can simply be slipped on or slipped off, or, at the most, shut with a clasp. The exceptions to this rule are the cuff bangle watches which are shaped like cuffs. They are quite broad and tend to be chunkier in their look, similar to chunky cuff bracelets. The watch dial in these is located at the center and often surrounded by different designs and colors. This type of bangle watch has its own appeal as it looks more like a bracelet than a watch and therefore creates a very bohemian, stylish look, even whilst offering the functionality of a watch.

Bangle watches for ladies can be of many different types. Most women would consider them a fashion accessory despite their utilitarian function, which is why the varieties can be differentiated on the basis of the ornamentation around the watch rather than the watch itself. They can be made of all different types of materials, though metallic substances are the most common. Silver bangle watches come with either a pure silver or silver plated base which creates a very subtle and elegant look for the accessory. This is preferred by women for daily wear as silver is very versatile and matches well with different types of casual and semi-formal looks. Gold bangle watches simply exude luxury and class. Pure gold bangle watches can be found in high-end, designer collections but more often than not, artificial gold or gold plated materials are used. Along with gold and silver, bronze, steel and strong alloys are sometimes used to create watches but this is not that common. The slightly less formal and casual wear bangle watches might even come with leather straps layered over a cork or wood base.

Many of the more ornamental bangle watches come with pretty designs and patterns created around the dial and all along the straps of the watch. This can be done using a number of different techniques, colors and materials. The informal bangle watches tend to come with bright and colorful beads work as well as cute metallic charms depicting different types of motifs. The more formal ones utilize finer gems such as diamonds, pearls and crystals to create a classy, glamorous look for the accessory. The gems are either studded along the strap or around the dial, depending on how fancy and ornate the watch is supposed to look.

Since bangles are essentially an ethnic accessory, Indian inspired designs are extremely popular. Ethnic motifs such as peacocks, fruits, trees, birds and animals are wrought using pretty and colorful gems, beads or threads around the dial. This creates a very funky, indo western look for the watch and really enhances its bohemian appeal. These kinds of bangles watches are usually matched with formal ethnic attire to create a modern look with an ethnic twist.

Styling and Trending Bangle Watches

Bangles watches come in a lot of different colors, shapes and varieties and pairing them up is matter of the style preferences of the wearer. For instance, they can be a great way to create the currently trending bohemian chic look. A colorful bangle watch paired with palazzo pants, tank top, ethnic cardigan and mojaris would create a very colorful, relaxed look. On the other hand, the fancier, elegant watches would also pair well with simple but beautiful party wear Indian ethnic wear such as lace sarees, chiffon sarees, crepe salwar kamez and so on.

When pairing them up, it is important to pay attention to the over-all color aesthetic of the look. An ensemble with loud and colorful hues can either be matched with an equally colorful bangle watch or with a neutral toned leather watch in black, dark blue or white. An Indian look with metallic detailing should be paired with a metallic bangle watch made of a similar metal.