Vibrant Beach Slippers

Vibrant Beach Slippers

Beach wear is all about rest and relaxation. It has to be fun and summery in order to reflect the joyous spirit of beaches, but at the same time, it needs to be quite casual and fuss-free so as to ensure the maximum comfort of the wearer. After all, beaches are places you go to rest and relax. The clothes and accessories should be conducive to that. This is why one of the most popular forms of footwear for summer is the beach slippers. Wearing a comfortable and stylish beach slipper with a pretty cotton tunic or printed summer dress is a great way to just let loose and relax in the summer while still looking like a trendy fashionista.

Essentially, beach slippers are, as the name suggests, slip-on shoes that are specially designed to be suitable for beaches. This is reflected in their design as well as structure, which is created in a way that makes it extremely easy to walk around in them on sandy beach shores. Usually, they are made of materials that are springy and elastic while still being quite hard, making it suitable for sand as well as water. Water-proof materials like plastic and rubber are the most commonly used base materials for different kinds of beach slippers so that men and women don’t have to take them off if they wade in the water. These kinds of materials also offer a lot of resistance to the sand which makes it quite easy to walk around in them. The design of a beach slipper is usually quite open and free to allow the wearer freedom of movement and make it appropriate for the hot weather. Another key feature of beach slippers is that they are usually very easy to wear and take off making them very appropriate for beaches where people often like to barefoot.

Beach slippers are worn by both men and women. While the varieties and styles found in beach slippers for women does tend to be greater, there is much more fluidity in this category of fashion. Thus, the typical men’s beach slippers are not that different from some of women’s beach slippers. The main difference lies in the shape of beach slippers for men, which is clearly designed to suit the broader shape of men’s feet.

The most popular and commonly worn variety in beach slippers, for men both the sexes, is flip flops. These are casual wear slip on shoes that come with a flat sole attached to the foot by a y-shaped strap that goes between the first and second toes. It creates an inverted v-shape over each side of the foot. Flip flops are greatly loved for the high amount of comfort and breeziness they offer, especially during summer months where the foot has to be allowed to breath. There are many stylish and cute varieties of flip flops. For men, summery and beach inspired prints of palms trees, coconuts and waves are the most popular while women usually love more feminine prints of flowers, animals and other such cute motifs. Plainer varieties without any prints, in a wide range of colors, are also available. Beach slippers in muted shades of brown, black and white as well as brightly colored neon or pastel beach slippers are both very popular. The color or print would depend on the ensemble that you are wearing.

Beach slippers can also come in the form of sandals with a variety of strap styles. Mostly beach slippers are flat to promote comfort but sometimes, they may come with a slight heel of up to one inch to increase the height of the wearer. Straps of various kinds can be used, such as the single strap across the front, double or triple straps across the front as well as criss-cross straps or lace-up designs.

Flip flops and sandal style beach slippers can also come decorated in the Indian style with ethnic motifs of flowers, peacocks and other such artistic designs. These are usually printed on the shoe. Sometimes, these kinds of Indian beach slippers also come with pretty embellishments on the straps with various materials like beads, sequins, and stones. Clay or wooden beads are the most popular form of embellishments. These beaded work footwear beach slippers have a very funky look and are the perfect option for those with a more bohemian fashion sense.

Styling Beach Slippers

Styling with beach slippers is extremely easy. They go best with summery, beach appropriate outfits like sheer tunics, chiffon tops, floral printed dresses, cotton Indo Western Kurtis and colorful kurtas. If they are long enough, these are either worn on their own, or with leggings or shorts. The beach sandals heels will therefore be displayed quite prominently. Most women love to go for funky looking, colorful beach sandals with different kinds of designs that sync with the designs on their ensemble. Men stick to printed beach slippers, which will match the most shirt and shorts ensembles.