Beautify Your Necks With Beaded Necklaces

Beautify Your Necks With Beaded Necklaces

Beaded jewelry have entered into mainstream fashion due to their prominent use on the ramp and high fashion runways. However, the beaded necklace has long been a part of India’s cultural and religious history and tradition. Members of a number of religious communities in India sport a short or a long beaded necklace as a symbol of their religion or to promote some aspect of their spirituality. Men and women living in the urban centers of India have also come to love and adore the versatility of the beaded necklace in Indo-Western fashion.

When exploring viable options for purchase in the beaded necklace, designs are not a constraint. The patterns are open to creative vision, which is why beaded necklaces are preferred universally as accessories.

The market also has men’s beaded necklace pieces that are available in a number of colors and designs. This fashion accessory is extremely adaptable; it can be specific, like a turquoise beaded necklace meant for veritable color blocking or it can be more versatile, like the silver beaded necklace that opens up the possibility of complementing almost any attire.

The major reason for the popularity of beaded necklaces is their variety in the colors of beads used. For instance, the red beaded necklace and the black beaded necklace were traditionally significant of certain religious beliefs and dogmas. In the fashion industry however, these pieces have become a matter of statement while some of the original philosophies might have been retained. For instance, men and women from across the country of the Hare Krishna movement sport the red beaded necklace as an outward symbol of their faith as well as an accessory to their ensembles, that needn’t necessarily be ethnic Indian in origin.

The original black beaded necklace originated in the Islamic culture but the sheer number of beaded necklace ideas that the black beads have been integrated with is overwhelming. Black beads in fashionable motifs, multiple strings, combined with semi-precious stones and in a number of cuts can be seen sprinkled throughout Indian ethnic fashion. Moreover, men’s beaded necklaces tend to be in more neutral colors like black, red and brown for the sake of universal accessorizing.

Although one needn’t know how to make a beaded necklace, handmade beaded necklaces are very chic in a rustic way. Often sold at handicraft fairs around the country, handmade beaded necklaces are one of the most popularly sported types of beaded necklaces in the urban centers of the country.

Another popular type of this accessory is the multi strand beaded necklace. Women prefer pairing this style of necklaces with Indo-Western outfits such as tunic dresses or long-short chiffon dresses as beads add weight and bulk to an otherwise flowing, light garment.

One of the latest styles of this type of neck piece is the beaded collar necklace. The beads on this neckpiece have been strung together to look like the collar of a shirt or a top. The reason for its popularity among urban women is its versatile design. While there can be simple designs emulating simple collar styles, there can also be multi-colored collar necklaces woven in intricate and uncommon patterns.

Style Tips

When thinking about how to make beaded necklaces stylish and modish, one needs to take three things into consideration; the size of the beads, number of strands and the color of the beads. Here are some ethnic Indian outfit styles with which beaded necklaces can easily be paired.

  • Chiffon Sarees: Being a light weight fabric, this ensemble needs bulky costume jewelry that can add boldness to the whole look. Depending upon the color and the print on the saree, one can sport single strand or multiple strand beaded necklaces with it. However, it should be kept in mind that if a single strand is being used then the size of the beads should be bigger and more visible.
  • Kurtas or Kurtis: When being worn without a dupatta, the kurta or kurtis can be accessorized with solid colored beaded necklaces. Cotton kurtas that have minimal prints or embellishments on them look especially good with colored beaded necklaces. The ideal way to set the kurta or kurti off, however, is to buy a beaded neckpiece with a statement pendant at the end. This pendant can be made solely of imitation precious metals or even of semi-precious stones set in silver or gold casts.
  • Indo-Western Attire: Beaded jewelry pieces, especially necklaces, are highly fashionable during the summer months wherein they are often paired with spaghetti tops and dhoti pants. This ensemble gives off a very Bohemian vibe which is preferred by college-students and young women for a casual occasion. There needn’t necessarily be any statement piece within the necklace; simple strings of beads in a harmonious balance of colors will suffice.