Wedding Footwear - Classic Choices for Brides-to-be

Wedding Footwear - Classic Choices for Brides-to-be

Wedding footwear is an integral part of the wedding attire for any bride. Like the lehenga, the mang tikka, mangalsutra and other essential components, it is crucial for perfection to be achieved even in bridal footwear in India. Given the grand nature of the occasion itself, it is essential that every component of the attire is perfect.

While Indian bridal shoes do come in flats as well as heels, women generally do not opt for flats. Heels are not only more becoming for a woman, they add to the posture and stature of the bride that can greatly enhance the overall appeal of the bridal look. Moreover, popular Indian bridal dresses like sarees and lehenga cholis need the height provided by heels shoes to get the perfect drape and silhouette.

The most popular Indian wedding shoes that are currently trending in the wedding scene are the stone studded, strappy sandals with their embellishments going at least up to the ankle with a strap and buckle going around the leg.

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Jewel studded Indian wedding footwear is very popular because this style complements bridal outfits perfectly. Since the designs on bridal outfits are nothing short of intricate and exquisite, designers have given Indian wedding shoes the same kind of attention. While the bride can choose between bridal footwear that is color specific and complimentary to the outfit itself, more subtle yet equally beautiful choices are available in gold and silver.

Recently a string of designer bridal shoes have come about that are patterned in such a way as to look like a mehendi / henna design on the foot. The shoe itself has multiple rungs through which one puts not just the big toe but all the other toes as well. This is a unique designs which modern brides love because it adds a certain edge to the traditional look.

Besides these types, women love opting for peep toes or stilettoes of the bridal variety. While the style and splendor quotients remain the same, they are closed off from the front and can be easily slipped on or slipped off. This adds to the convenience of the Indian bride, who needs to sit, stand or walk around as the ceremony demands.

Overall the common elements of Indian bridal shoes remain intricate work, magnificence and sheer beauty. What sets them apart is the use of ethnic embroideries and embellishments like zari, zardosi, Resham embroidery and Kundan to name just a few. Moreover they typically utilize bright colors as this is the typical Indian palette. From reds, pinks, oranges, greens and yellows to softer pinks and beige shades, the variety of colors available ensures that every bride’s desire for opulence and beauty is satisfied, even in the shoe department.

One of the main reasons why professionals are hired to work on the overall look of the bride is because they can advise a bride perfectly on every element of her look. They have to ensure that it is in congruence with the overall theme of the wedding. To match the wide array of Indian bridal gowns, there is a tremendous range even among Indian bridal footwear designs. The volume and variety can be staggering and even overwhelming to some.

Here are some classic choices that you can opt for:

Colorful Bridal Shoes

If your personal style is not conservative but spunky and bright, then the best option is to go for footwear that matches the base color of your lehenga. Even if it is hot pink, just choose to commit from head to toe to the color explosion! Colorful bridal shoes make a strong statement and contrary to the myth, they are not ‘loud’, just bold. However, such shoes complement the overall look best when they are either totally closed off from the front or are simple peep toes. Strappy heels may not always complement the dress.

Golden Bridal Footwear

Stiletto (Source: Pinterest)

The classic colors of an Indian wedding ceremony are red and golden. If nothing else, an Indian bride will definitely wear some stunning gold bridal jewelry. One could purchase golden heels, peep toes or stilettoes to go with the jewelry.

Silver Bridal Footwear

Although not as popular as it once was, certain bridal lehengas and saris are embellished with semi-precious stones in hues of silver. Opting for silver wedding shoes can ensure that your footwear matches your outfit.

Embellished Stiletto Heel

If you are opting for a stiletto heel then don’t be afraid to buy one that has been studded with stones or semi-precious jewels. These are all the rage on the runway and only add delicateness to the footwear and grace to the wearer.

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