Trendy Bucket Handbags

Trendy Bucket Handbags

Bucket handbags are the latest, trendiest accessories in western fashion. They have made their way to countries around the world and can be found in Indian and western styles. Many people think of bucket handbags as a very recent fashion trend that made its debut in a high fashion runway. In reality, the essential design of this handbag has been around for decades. It is only when high end designers began incorporating it in their designer collections that bucket handbags achieved the ultra fashionable and trendy status they have today.

Bucket handbags are bags with round or oval shaped bottoms and a drawstring close at the top, which creates a bucket shaped look. The drawstring is sometimes supplemented with a magnetic clasp of some kind. They most often come in the form of sling or cross body bags, though shoulder bags as well as backpacks with the bucket close are also becoming extremely trendy. Bucket handbags are often considered a surprising fashion hit since they don’t really have a very high fashion look; the draw string close gives the most formal of bags a slightly casual feel and the bucket shape is quite an unconventional one. However, these unusual elements are considered the USPs of this type of handbag; women flock in hoards to purchase the latest, most beautiful styles of bucket handbags. Another major attraction of this type of handbag is that it is extremely versatile and comfortable. It can be matched with all different types of outfits and hence can be worn on a daily basis. It is also extremely functional, with the bucket like shape making it an ideal dumping ground for all the paraphernalia that often goes into women’s bags. Like tote bags, they are the ideal bags for daily use as they can be filled up with lots of items without seeming clunky. Bucket handbags are also very easy to open and close. This practical, utilitarian appeal of this bag has probably played a huge role in its current popularity with women of all ages.

There are many different kinds of bucket handbags’ designs in the market, both western and Indian. The classic western variety is that of the leather bucket handbags which have a very subtle yet sophisticated look. They usually come in muted shades like white, beige, black and brown, which add to their versatility and makes them a great investment. A neutral toned handbag such as a black bucket handbag strikes the perfect balance between trendiness and practicality as it would be considered stylish without being limited in terms of styling and accessorizing. The most highly coveted varieties would be the designer bucket handbags. These high end handbags come with exclusive designer labels that set them apart and create a glamorous style statement.

Bucket handbags’ patterns in Indian fashion are quite different as compared to the western ones. Leather as a material for bags is equally popular here but it is not the only material used. Bucket handbags made with different types of fabrics and woven cane or bamboo are also commonly found in Indian collections. However, the greatest differentiating pattern in Indian bucket handbags would be the kinds of designs and patterns that are displayed. The Indian style bags usually come with some form of intricate embroidery. They include colorful varieties like Kashida, Kasuti, Resham and Dubka work handbags to the dazzling Zari, Zardozi and Ek Taar work. Along with these traditional embroidery styles, stones, beads, sequins and crystals are also frequently used to create beautiful Indian motifs on bucket handbags for formal occasions. These are obviously more glamorous and ornate in their look and are typically reserved for special occasions. They tend to be made of fine materials like silk, brocade or velvet, though the hard back bags may be made of wood and then covered with a different fabric.

The casual wear Indian bucket handbags tend to be in the jhola or sling bag form and are usually made of typically indigenous fabrics with a strong tensile strength which makes a good raw material for handbags. This includes woven hemp, jute and khadi fabrics with beautiful dyed and printed designs. Some of these have a very stylish look despite being designed for casual wear.

Styling with Bucket Handbags

Bucket handbags are all the rage right now, which is quite a lucky trend for women. They are extremely useful types of handbags and are the perfect daily wear accessory. Women should definitely invest in a classic leather bucket handbag for office use as well as a stylish black bucket handbag for more glamorous occasions. Bucket handbags look best when paired up with semi-formal or casual ensembles comprising of tunics, leggings and flat sandals, though they can also be worn with anarkali suits, formal sarees andprinted dresses.