Jazzy Ceramic Necklaces

Jazzy Ceramic Necklaces

Ceramic necklaces are, as the name suggests, are made of ceramic. This is essentially a type of costume jewelry that is worn by women across different demographics and age groups. It is immensely popular. It owes most of its popularity to the fact that it is extremely budget friendly, convenient to wear with a host of outfits and also quite sturdy, making it the ideal accessory to have in your home. As they are made from ceramic, they do lend a slightly dainty look to the overall outfit, even if the design of the necklace is actually bulkier than daintier. They provide just the right amount of femininity to any outfit and can easily be paired with both, western outfits and Indian ethnic wear. This style of jewelry usually falls under the category of junk jewelry or even street jewelry and is very easily found.

Some ceramic necklaces are also made of, or incorporate a fair number of beads. These are known as ceramic bead necklaces in the market. In such pieces of jewelry, most of the focus of the design revolves around the beads more than the center piece or any other element involved. This heightens their highly versatile nature and funky look as beaded necklaces can be paired with almost anything to create an interesting ensemble. On the other hand, the style of necklace that focuses more on the centerpiece of the jewelry piece as opposed to the surrounding elements of design is known as ceramic pendant necklace. They are also very popular as they have a slightly more dramatic look as opposed to the slightly muted look that comes with bead necklaces. Like almost any other type of jewelry, these pieces can be found in a variation of color and sizes, making them appropriate for almost any type of ensemble. When it comes to this type of ceramic necklaces, pendants are often found in two distinct styles – small and rather elegant, bringing a highly feminine quality to the piece of jewelry as well as large and chunky, giving a more ‘street look’ to the design of the jewelry. Depending on the garments that it is being paired with, both are quite popularly worn by women and depending on their individual tastes, some women prefer one over the other. Both styles of pendants can, in fact, be paired with Indian ethnic garments and western ones.

One of the major highlights of this style of jewelry is that they tend to emulate the look of fancier jewelry but are actually quite affordable. This gives women the better of two worlds quite easily. It means that this style of jewelry has been, on occasion, spotted at different types of events such as formal events like weddings, ceremonies and festivals, evening dinners, and informal events such as brunches with friends and so on. As a result, they are widely accepted as a great form of accessory.

One of the most versatile styles is the black ceramic necklace as it can be paired with almost any color as black is both, fairly neutral in terms of pairing and quite bold and dramatic in terms of its hue itself. When choosing ceramic bead necklace designs, it is important to consider the outfits that you can pair with this accessory so that you can avoid limiting it to just a few items in your wardrobe. Both factory made and handmade ceramic bead necklaces offer great quality and design. You can pair it with virtually anything.

Styling a ceramic necklace

A ceramic necklace is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that one can find, which is why styling it is a fairly simple endeavor. While wearing indo western clothes, such as tunic tops paired with leggings, these necklaces can be worn to highlight the slightly bohemian quality of the outfit. This style is popularly chosen by most women who are students as it has a very youthful vibe and can be comfortably worn, even by those who have to commute over long distances to get to their classes. It is a simple way to add a fun touch to your outfit.

Similarly, you can also pair it with a variety of Indian ethnic garments. The pairing depends on the style and color of the piece of jewelry. Sarees can be accessorized with ceramic necklaces that have a large pendant, which highlights the ethnic look of the garment. You can also follow the same process with an anarkali suit and a salwar kameez.