Trend of Chain Earrings

Trend of Chain Earrings

Chain earrings are ear ornaments that come with some form of chain to create a linear silhouette for the accessory. These stylish accessories are popular around the world and can be worn with casual as well as formal wear outfits. A chain earring is often considered a futuristic, ultra modern type of accessory but has in fact been used in Indian fashion for many years. Chain earrings have a very unique, glamorous and subtly feminine look that can add an instant wow factor to any ensemble. They are typically worn as statement accessories, especially when they are larger in size, but are also sometimes included as part of a set and/or paired with other pieces of jewelry with a similar look such as pendant necklaces.

There are many different types of chain earrings that women can choose from, which can be differentiated on the basis of a number of different factors such as the metal used, the finish of the metal, the extra ornamentation on the accessory, the designs into which it is molded, the silhouette, the position of the chain, the size, the shape and more. One of the most popular varieties, especially amongst the younger generation, are the cartilage chain earrings in which the chain extends along the cartilage of the ear, typically attached at the top and bottom parts and sometimes dangling even beyond it. For many people the unique silhouette of the cartilage chain earring is part of modern, western fashion and it is frequently considered a latest trend or innovation. However, this type of design has actually been used in ethnic fashion for many years. In particular, long cuff chain earrings connecting the hair ornament to the nose ring have been worn by Indian bride as part of their traditional bridal get up for many centuries. In chain earrings, cuff is essentially the c-shaped part that envelops the ear. The size of the cuff can vary depending on how ornate the accessory is and how abstract a design is desired; the simplest ones come with a short cuff while the more fancy ones come with long cuffs extending all the way from the upper lobe of the ear to the fleshy part. The number of chains used can also vary. One can find simple cuff chain earrings composed of a single link, exquisite accessories composed of multiple links or chunky designs in which the multiple links are intertwined.

Another popular type is the long chain earrings in which the chain dangles from the earlobe. The length can vary, from the almost shoulder length to just below the ear; typically glamorous, evening wear chain earrings have a longer length and utilize multiple chains while daily wear earrings have only one chain. They can hang from a drop stud, a hook, a hoop or any other interestingly shaped metallic plate (stars, squares, circles, etc). Some of the more artistic looking chain earrings combine a minimalistic look with a complicated intertwined design.

The materials used to create these funky accessories can also vary and greatly influences the final look. Probably the most popular for casual wear are the silver chain earrings which can be made of either polished, refined silver, oxidized and/or antique looking silver or silver alloys. Indian style accessories are often made of gold which is why gold chain earrings are often preferred by women dressing up in ethnic, formal clothing. These Indian style gold chain earrings can come with simple, filigree metal designs or they can be part of elaborate Kundan, Meenakari or Polki sets.

Chain earrings may also be decorated using other ornamental materials such as semi-precious gems, pearls (both natural and artificial), beads, crystals, rhinestones etc. These can add a luxurious, elegant air to the accessory and often create a vibrant, dazzling look that pairs well with more colorful outfits.

Styling Chain Earrings

Chain earrings, especially cuff chain earrings, are today considered one of the trendiest accessories for women. They are often associated with an artistic, bohemian vibe, largely because they were popularized by musicians and rock stars who chose to make it a part of their signature look. At the same time, in ethnic fashion, the traditional types of chain earrings are considered a great accessory with ornate wedding looks.

A superb way of styling with chain earrings is by making them the statement accessory. This works especially well when women pair long chain earrings with evening wear outfits that leave the shoulders or at least the collar bones bare, such as boat neck anarkali salwar suits, deep neck cholis and halter neck saree blouses. Alternatively, cuff chain earrings with delicate engraved designs and/or dangling motifs can add an intricate and elegant touch to any semi-formal or casual wear outfits such as a printed tunic or plain kurti.