Glamorous Chandelier Earrings

Glamorous Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are one of the most glamorous and beautiful accessories in the world. As the name suggests, these are very large, sparkling earrings that more often than not come studded with dazzling diamonds. These earrings are quite bold and huge and are typically worn as the one and only accessory with a beautiful evening outfit. They are also termed ‘chandelier’ earrings because they are dangling earrings that usually have a diamond or triangular shape composed of multiple, interlinking chains or beads.

A chandelier earring is a staple in western fashion, but in recent years has become something of a trend even in India and other countries around the world. The best part of the confluence of fashions from different cultures is that the variety of options for worldly fashionistas increases and this is precisely the case with the chandelier earring as well. The shape and size of these large earrings has been adapted into many forms of ethnic jewelry. There are many occasions at which women can wear chandelier earrings, wedding ceremonies and parties being the most popular. This is because chandelier earrings are usually quite ornate and rich in their look and this beautifully suits the typical Indian wedding clothing styles.

There are many different types of chandelier earrings available in the market. When we think of the typical chandelier earring, the gorgeous accessories worn by the classic Hollywood stars comes to mind: large, crystal studded earrings shaped like an elongated diamond, almost brushing the shoulder of the wearer. The most exclusive and ornate varieties are the vintage chandelier earrings, which often come with intricate, twisting designs of flowers, leaves and other artistic shapes. The classic chandelier earring is always made of diamonds or white crystals, with silver or platinum settings. These have a very luxurious, glamorous look and are also quite versatile.

Another really popular variety is the pearl chandelier earrings, which combine the soft sheen of pearls with the hard diamond glitter; more often than not, a silver setting is used. These have a very elegant, chic look and can add a subtle touch of glamour to any party dress. Those who want a richer look for their accessories can opt for gold chandelier earrings. Gold is the preferred metal of Indian jewelers, which is why these are the most popular varieties of Indian earrings. The most opulent looking would be the bridal chandelier earrings, which are crafted using ancient Indian techniques such as Kundan and Meenakari. These kinds of regional jewelry making techniques utilize only the purest materials and often focus on creating intricate, exquisite patterns that are beautifully highlighted in chandelier earrings. Brides can get the perfect combination of tradition and style by opting for Kundan, Meenakari and/or Polki bridal chandelier earrings, which are both glamorous and ethnic in their look.

Those who want to go in for more versatile pieces that will match with a wide range of evening wear looks can opt for black chandelier earrings or silver chandelier earrings. Both of these colors pair well with almost all hues, designs and patterns and have an innately glamorous vibe. Silver jewelry that utilizes only the metal always has a very ethereal and attractive look and silver chandelier earrings are no exception. Black chandelier earrings are usually made of black beads, black tinted crystals, dark pearls and other such appropriate materials.

There are also many colorful options available for women with more vibrant and dynamic fashion tastes. All types of materials, from enameled metals and beads to crystals, stones or tinted pearls can be used to make colored varieties such as red chandelier earrings, blue chandelier earrings or green chandelier earrings.

Styling with Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are essentially evening wear accessories, because of their size as well as their glamorous look. Most women choose to pair them up with their most formal and glitzy party looks and they are a frequent feature at weddings, festivals, anniversary celebrations and other such important functions. In terms of celebrity fashion, they are a favorite accessory on the red carpet. They are often paired with slinky, floor length evening gowns but also match beautifully with Indian party wear such as embellished lehengas, net sarees and embroidered anarkali salwar kameez.

The most important thing to remember when accessorizing with chandelier earrings is that balance and harmony is the key. Since these are quite large, they work best as stand-alone or statement accessories. They need not always be paired up with the color of the dress in question. For instance, a green lehenga choli with pink thread embroidery work can be paired with green chandelier earrings as well as pink chandelier earrings. If the outfit has heavy gold, silver or crystal based work, chandelier earrings made of similar materials can be used.