Clip Earrings: The Trend Is Back!

Clip Earrings: The Trend Is Back!

Clip earrings are earrings which can be worn simply by slipping them onto earlobe (or any other desired location on the ear) and clipping them in place. Thus, these earrings can be worn by those without ear piercings as well. This is their major advantage and the main reason why they have become so popular with women and young girls today.

Even men can wear these earrings without a problem. Though having an ear piercing is quite common nowadays, getting one done is still quite a painful and permanent procedure that not everyone wants to go through. Earring clips allow people to experiment with fun earring styles and try out this without having to commit to proper piercings. What is more, the trendy style of wearing two or more earrings can be easily achieved by using clipon earrings instead of undergoing more piercing procedures.

Though their functionality and utilitarian use (as earrings that can be worn without a fuss) is what sets clipped earrings apart, they are also available in many stylish and beautiful varieties. Just because they are meant to add convenience to a woman’s life doesn’t mean they can’t also add style and panache.

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Nowadays, designers have invented techniques which enable them to create all varieties of gorgeous clipon earings in a similar style to normal earrings. Though the mechanism to hold them in place is the clip on one, they look exactly the same as the classic styles. This includes elegant western ear charms as well as traditional, ethnic varieties.

In Indian fashion, earrings are an extremely important accessory. In all parts of India, they are worn by women on a daily basis and for special occasions.

Therefore there are many traditional designs which have been adapted into earrings. For instance, Polki, the jewelry style in which uncut diamonds are set into dull gold casts to create beautiful pieces, has been used to create gorgeous clip ons.

Other ornate styles like Kundan (made with molten gold pre-set into intricate patterns), Meenakari (colorful, polished, enameled metal jewelry) and Thewa (heavy gold jewelry with religious imagery often seen decorating it) have also been used to create clip on earrings. Women can find authentic, traditional pieces to wear to weddings and parties, which also have the clips for mechanism. For many, this is a life-saver in fashion emergency situations.

Ornate, evening wear accessories are not the only options in the category of clipons. There are many interesting casual wear accessories as well. In fact, this is probably the most popular type of clip on earring since most people prefer something simple and easy to manage when accessorizing on a day to day basis.

This can range from a trendy pair of clips ons or hoops or simple magnetic studs or drop earrings. Single stone danglers and small-sized motifs of hearts, infinity shapes and animal designs are also quite popular. In ethnic fashion, women will find clip on versions of regional jewelry such as Terracotta jewelry (rust-red pieces made with clay), lac earrings, oxidized silver danglers and ear cuffs with intricate ornamentation.

These can be of different sizes, with a plain polish or with detailed motifs carved into the surface of the material. Though plastic is the most popular material in general for clip ons, finer ones such as silver, bronze, brass, copper or even gemstones can also be used to make the more exclusive, designer varieties.

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These earrings were invented relatively recently; in fact, their invention was only possible due to the use of modern technology and materials. Despite their recent origin they have already become incredibly popular, especially amongst the younger generation.

Girls love to wear different types of clip ons for a variety of occasions. They are a great way to accessorize as they are very convenient to wear and come in so many varieties. There are certain staple varieties which all women should have in their jewelry box. A pair of oxidized silver ear charms, for instance, can be used to accessorize festive clothing items like mirror work kurtis,

Bandhej tunics and resham embroidered tops. They can also be paired well with office wear options like printed salwar kameez and cotton saris. A pair of artificial diamond drops should also definitely be part of any woman’s collection. They are versatile enough to complement a wide variety of evening wear outfits, from sequins work sarees to zari work lehenga cholis.

Clip on are a great short cut in the dressing up process. With a simple yet pretty chiffon saree in a flattering color, all one really needs is a pair of sparkling Indian earrings. To dress up the ensemble a bit women can wear multiple clip on accessories of the ethnic variety.