Stylish Comfortable Shoes

Stylish Comfortable Shoes

More often than not, new shoes tend to bite and create blisters all over. This is primarily why comfortable shoes are very hard to find. Sometimes, a pair of shoes may just fit perfectly, but still, it doesn’t confirm their comfort. In the purest sense, shoes that facilitate easy walking and utter relief to the feet are the most ideal ones to own. While comfort is important, it is no less important to have footwear that actually looks good when worn. You should remember that footwear can make or break any outfit.

Usually, wedge heels are the most comfortable shoes to own. They bring together style and comfort so easily because not only are they well built, they also have heels that run all over the bottom of the shoe. This way, women can look taller without having to deal with the discomfort that comes with wearing extremely high heels or pointed ones. Even if your daily routine involves a lot of walking, you can wear this type of footwear without having to deal with aching feet or soreness at the end of the day.

When it comes to comfortable shoes for women, Indian shoes like jootis are considered to be quite good. These are flat shoes that are constructed in the shape of western pump shoes and are also embellished with embroidery work, stone work, mirror work or even cutdana work, depending on the style of the shoe itself. These shoes also have a thin sole and are closed around the toes. They are extremely comfortable to wear and can be worn for both, formal and informal events quite easily because they can be paired with indo westerns, Indian garments and western garments as well.

Comfortable wedding shoes in India usually include stilettos, platform shoes and sandals. These are all worn during wedding ceremonies depending on the paired outfit, which obviously determines the entire look of the ensemble. While choosing wedding shoes, it is important to note whether it is an outdoor event or an indoor one because having heels sinking into grass is terrible for the shoes and also makes it quite difficult to walk. It can also lead to your outfit getting a bit soiled at the hemlines.

Comfortable flats can be worn by women across different demographics. While V shaped flat footwear is mostly worn by women who are in college, working professionals also choose to wear certain kinds of flat shoes to complement their outfits. These are usually a little more formal in their appearance and are usually not open toed. Pumps are usually worn by women in a professional setting. Comfortable high heels like pumps with heels or even wedge heels are also worn in the professional setting and are more popular as they complement the overall ensemble worn by the woman and give it a more formal air as well.

Comfortable shoes for men, on the other hand, usually come in the form of loafers, sneakers and formal shoes. While formal shoes are, as the name suggests, apt for a formal setting such as a ceremony, the professional environment or any formal event, sneakers are meant to be worn with more casual attire as they suit them more. Loafers tend to give a semi-formal look and can sometimes be paired with either style of garment, depending on, of course, the garment itself as well as the shoe itself. It is also highly an individual choice when it comes to buying these shoes.

Comfortable summer shoes like flats, peep toes and other open shoes are ideal for the warmer months as they allow the foot to breathe, which in turn allows the wearer to feel comfortable. These are designed in a way that makes them apt for clothing that is worn during these months, which is why they tend to naturally end up matching anything you may have in your wardrobe. These kinds of shoes are available in different styles that are meant for different garments or events. For instance, gladiator flats can be worn with a light flirty dress while gladiator heels can be worn with an evening based dress.

Styling Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable footwear can be styled with a variety of different clothing items quite easily. Flat V shaped footwear is ideal for salwar kameez as well as tunics with leggings while other kinds of shoes, like wedge heels and pumps can be worn with western attires.

High heeled shoes like platform shoes and stilettos can be worn with sarees as they complement the overall fall of the garment and make women look taller. For women, comfortable shoes can define the entire outfit or look.