Funky Denim Bags

Denim bags are some of the trendiest handbags for women available in the market as they look extremely different from other types of bags that are commonly worn. As denim is one of the sturdiest fabrics, the beauty of denim handbags lies in the fact that they are extremely durable and easy to wear under all weather conditions. Many women use their own pairs of discarded jeans in order to create bags like these though many ready made bags are also available in the market quite easily. These can be plain denim, acid washed, embellished or embroidered – there are absolutely no restrictions on the styles of the bags themselves.

Denim handbags are available in different types or styles and are extremely convenient for casual events. One of the most popular styles is the sling bag. This denim handbag has a strong C shaped body that is supported by long straps that meet at the top. Since these straps are extremely long, they make the bag itself hang around the mid-thigh area, which is a defining characteristic of sling bags. These look extremely interesting and can carry a lot of items in them, depending on the size of the bag itself. Another popular style is the tote bagswith short straps. In this case, the body of the bag is quite large and full in terms of the looks while the straps are smaller. As a result, when the bag is carried, it looks like it is tucked under the arms of the woman carrying it. Most designer denim handbags are tote bags although it is also easy to find a few sling versions as well. The latest trends in these bags is using the fabric on a strong structural support in order to create an interesting looking clutch that can be carried to formal events as well, depending on the style of bag and the quality and texture of denim used in the first place of course.

Most denim handbag patterns tend to be quite plain in order to emulate the look of jeans however, many can be embroidered, printed or even tie dyed to create interesting looks. A lot of these bags can contain sequins or embellished stone work as well, depending on the overall style of the bag that is being worn. This makes these kinds of bags extremely versatile and interesting. There are also some ethnic varieties of denim handbags that come decorated with mirror work, colorful embroidered designs and beaded motifs. These have a unique fusion look and look great when paired with casual wear ethnic outfits like indian kurtis and salwar kameez.

When wondering how to make denim handbags, the process is extremely simple and one hardly needs a lot of different materials. To start with, any old pair of jeans that do not fit any longer can be used in order to create the accessory. One can stitch it in any fashion to create the desired shapes. Many women also like to add their own versions of embroidery or paintwork with the help of fabric paints in order to create an interesting and unique look for their very own denim handbag. The aesthetic choices depend solely on the individual sporting the bag.

Styling with Denim Handbags

Denim handbags can be paired with a variety of different outfits in order to create interesting looks easily. One of the best things about them is that they can be paired with western garments as well as certain kinds of indo western garments as well. Depending on their type, some of them can be paired with Indian ethnic attire as well although this can be slightly tricky and the chances of creating a fashion faux pas as opposed to a fashion moment are much higher than when they are compared with other outfits.

A denim sling bag can be paired successfully with a light cotton dress that is summery. An interesting juxtaposition can be created if the dress itself has floral patterns on it because sturdy fabrics and delicate prints can create a very striking visual when paired together. Trendy beaded jewelry in the form of heavy bracelets or chunky necklaces can also look great with this look. To add to the entire ensemble, pretty wedge heels or casual flip flips can also be worn to make the entire casual chic look come together quite nicely at the end of the day.

Similarly, a denim tote bag can be easily carried with indo western outfits. When paired with a funky tunic top and interesting colorful leggings, this can be an extremely memorable look that can really elevate a general bag to a chic accessory quite easily. Stone studded jewelry in the form of rings, necklaces and bracelets can look the best with these outfits.