Stunning Beauty of a Diamond Necklace

Stunning Beauty of a Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are undoubtedly the most beautiful of all gems, metaphorically and sometimes literally occupying a crowning position amongst jewels. They have been prized by humans since time immemorial for their sparkling beauty and unmatched durability. The rarity of these stunning gems also makes them a highly coveted jewel. Diamonds are used to make all kinds of jewelry pieces from earrings and bracelets to brooches, bangles and rings, and each of these has its own beauty and special appeal. However, the most ornate and popular of all is the diamond necklace, which remains unparalleled in terms of sheer glamour and beauty.

Diamond necklaces are essentially neck ornaments that come studded with some or the other variants of diamonds. The diamonds can be extremely small and almost invisible, in the form of a pendant, or they can be large and dazzling. It all depends on the type of aesthetic effect desired by the wearer. There are various types of diamonds, differing on the basis of a number of technical aspects like clarity and polish. The appropriate ones depend upon budge or cost, but many a times, it can also be a matter of cultural appreciation or trends. For instance, in western culture, the diamonds with the highest amount of clarity and shine are valued for their clear, pure white and dazzling appearance. On the other hand, in Indian culture, uncut or unpolished diamonds are highly valued as the key component in Polki jewelry. The cloudy nature of the stones used in Polki jewelry is what sets it apart and creates a unique ethnic look, which enhances its value. Similarly, even in western culture, beautiful diamond necklaces, with tints of color like rose pink, blue or yellow are now extremely trendy. These colors are technical impurities but are valued nevertheless for their unique appearance.

Diamond necklace designs can vary on the basis of the diamonds usage and the settings and patterns created by the designer. A single diamond necklace comes with a single diamond, typically of a medium to large size, which is hung like a stone from a chain. This diamond can be drop-shaped, pear-shaped, round, square or even heart-shaped, depending on the aesthetic look required. On the other hand, one can also find many a beautiful diamond necklace with ornate and rich designs. In particularly opulent designs, the diamonds are used throughout while in more affordable designs, diamonds are combined with other metals or semi-precious gems. Women can also opt for a simple diamond necklace with a pendant like appearance, which highlights the diamond in a subtle and understated manner. The motifs and patterns created can vary from simple circles, dots or shapes to elaborate, flowing flower and vines designs. Latest diamond necklace designs often focus on the diamonds and their arrangement to create the visual appeal, rather than ornate and rich settings or designs. These are by no means simple in their look, but have a very abstract, geometric visual aesthetic.

Typically, precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are used to set diamonds as they are the only metals that can match the beauty and high value of diamonds. However, artificial diamond varieties like Australian diamonds and American diamonds are also very popular nowadays and these are often set within artificial gold, silver plated alloys etc. These are much more affordable and are preferred by women for less formal occasions or semi-casual but glamorous parties.

Diamonds are also used to stud various types of Indian jewelry, with Polki and Kundan being the most popular. In both of these styles, purest molten gold is molded into pre-set designs, into which the diamonds are set. A bridal diamond necklace would probably be the richest and most ornate of the lot, consisting of multiple layers of chains and twisting, ornate designs.

Varieties and Types of the Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklaces are one of those ever stylish pieces of jewelry that never really go out of fashion. Earlier, they were worn by both men and women. Men’s diamond necklaces were typically worn by noble men as a sign of their wealth and status. Till today, the high cost of these accessories still makes them a prominent status symbol. It is important, however, to not go over the top with them. You need to use them as a statement accessory to complement chic and sophisticated evening wear clothes like chiffon sarees, embellished lehenga cholis and anarkali suits.

Fashion diamond jewelry and artificial diamond necklaces are also extremely popular today and available in many vibrant and funky designs. These can be used to accessorize less formal clothing like party wear tunics, dresses and tops and more formal sarees and lehenga cholis.