Fun Elastic Shoes

Fun Elastic Shoes

One of the best things about the strides made by science and technology is the convenience and comfort it adds to almost every aspect of our life. Even in fashion, science has propelled the creation of many new fabrics, designs and techniques, which have resulted in many more varieties of clothing and accessory options for women. One such exciting product from the union of science and fashion happens to be elastic shoes.

As the name suggests, these are essentially a type of footwear that incorporates a stretchable fabric in their structure. Elastic fabrics, cloths or materials entail the unique property of stretching, which accommodates the shape and size of the body part sans tearing or sustaining extreme wear and tear. They are used to make all kinds of useful products, but in fashion, they are most prominently used to create elastic strap shoes. These shoes offer several unique properties. They are usually slip-on shoes, which are very easy to wear and take off. On the other hand, the close-fitting elastic structure also renders a stylish look. Different types of elastic material are used to create elastic shoe straps, though most of them can be easily dyed into bright colors. This allows shoe designers to use elastic straps for shoes in a functional as well as decorative capacity.

Though there are many different varieties of a shoe, elastic strap designs can be universally incorporated. An elastic strap is an essential part of certain types of special, professional footwear. Elastic strap tap shoes, for instance, allow tap dancers an incredible amount of flexibility of movement. The elasticity of the shoe makes it fit perfectly on the foot. It is meant to feel like a second skin that aids the dancer in their performance. Other western dance forms like ballet also include the usage of elastic straps. In fact, the flat shoes also termed ‘ballet’ shoes which are worn on an everyday basis by women are often inspired by this elastic design and incorporate similar straps to add flexibility and style to the shoe. Elastic straps are added to many varieties of everyday wear shoes. Open and closed toe shoes can come with this type of strap, though sometimes the entire shoe comprising the vamp and sole are made of elastic materials.

Nowadays, you can also find glamorous varieties like elastic strap heels. These shoes have the typical, stylish look of heels but add an elastic strap. This makes the shoe extremely comfortable and easy to walk around in. In addition to this, it adds a much needed support and structure to the heel design. Elastic strap wedges with thick, chunky heels are equally popular and are frequently worn for special occasions and informal parties. You can find many glamorous and attractive varieties of elastic strap evening shoes with varying amounts of heel, from 1 inch kitten heels to 5 inch stilettos and platforms.

Designers are increasingly starting to combine Indian and western aesthetics in fashion. Fusion elastic strap shoes with funky Indian prints, subtle embroidery work or even minor embellishments have become quite common in India. They have even become popular in western countries riding on the line of bohemian fashion. Besides such Indian designs, colorful stripes, polka dots, animal motifs and classy patterns of stylized motifs are designs, which are commonly used to decorate elastic strap shoes. They can also be plain, with multiple straps in alternating colors to create a fun visual contrast. Small embellishments of stones, sequins and lace are often used to create beautiful designs on the elastic strap evening shoes.

Cool Varieties of Elastic Shoes

Though elastic strap shoes are a relatively recent innovation, they have already become a very popular type of footwear. Besides being well appreciated for their functional benefits in sports and dance, they are much lauded in the field of fashion as well. You can now wear stylish, elastic shoes for evening occasions, parties and every day wear. The fact that they are so comfortable and easy to wear is just the icing on the cake.

However, to really pull them off, it is important to accessorize correctly. For instance, appropriate fancy evening wear varieties can definitely be paired with sarees as long as they have the right type of heel. You can wear chunky elastic strap wedge shoes with casual, youthful daily wear outfits like tunics and leggings. The colorful Indian elastic strap shoes would pair well with kurtis, kurtas and ethnic tunics. The flat or ballet shoes will pair well with casual wear salwar kameez as well as cotton tunics and tops.

While color coordination is one of the most popular styling routes women take to add a bit of flair and visual contrast, women can also do color blocking with shoes in hues that contradict the hues on the dress.