Pretty Embroidered Shoes

Pretty Embroidered Shoes

The Indian subcontinent has a vast geographical landscape with many states and regions. Each has its own unique culture and clothing styles. The sheer variety of textiles, embroidery styles and designs is truly amazing. This extends not just to clothes and jewelry but also to footwear. There are many different shoe types in India, but none can match the beauty of embroidered shoes.

Embroidered shoes are amongst the most beautiful types of footwear in the world. Embroidery is generally done by using a thread and needle to decorate a fabric with beautiful, colorful designs. However, in India, skilled shoemakers learned how to decorate even shoes with this form of ornamentation. Indian artisans are not the only ones in the world who choose to do embroidery on shoes, but they are certainly the harbingers of its art form. Shoe embroidery is done using slightly different techniques and methods than fabric embroidery. In some cases, an embroidered fabric is simply wrapped around a base material such as leather and stitched into place. Alternatively, the leather itself might be embroidered using thicker needles.

When it comes to embroidered shoes, India boasts of a number of different varieties and styles. The most popular and commonly worn types are juttis. These have been worn in north Indian states like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for many years. Juttis are closed toe shoes that come with intricate and colorful embroidery all over the front portion of the shoe. Traditionally, the front portion of the shoe was tapered to a sharp point, with an upward curve attached to a tassel. Square or round shaped shoes are currently trending, while the shoes with a curved front are generally worn only for special occasions. Floral motifs and stylized depictions of leaves, branches, fruits and animals are the common designs seen in the embroidery on such shoes. They are made of typically sturdy materials, with high quality leather being the traditional choice, which is delicately embroidered using thread or beads. The end result is a truly exquisite type of footwear which has a unique ethnic charm. This type of embroidered footwear can be worn by men and women.

Men’s embroidered shoes usually come with very intricate work, but they tend to use more muted colors like beige, white, tan and dull gold. They also have a more angular design. Women’s shoes are usually much more vibrant, with multicolor embroidery displayed against a strikingly colored base. They tend to have a softer, more rounded front. You can use additional embellishments like beads, pearls and stones to decorate embroidered shoes for men and as women.

Juttis are also called mojaris in other parts of India. They are all crafted of leather but the type and style of embroidery done differs from region to region. In Rajasthan, for instance, shoes are embroidered with designs and motifs similar to the ones seen on clothes of the region. Colorful tassels, mirror work and thick, colorful lines are commonly seen decorating shoes from this region.

You can also get custom embroidered shoes decorated with personalized designs and motifs. Many shoemakers stitch the shoe right in front of their customers, giving them the option of altering not only the aesthetic but also the fitting to make it the perfect shoe for the customer in question.

Embroidered shoes can come in a wide variety of hues and colors, from pretty reds and blues to bright yellows and greens. One can even find shoes in metallic shades with gold or silver thread embroidery decorating the vamp. Such embroidery is often intermingled with sequins or stone work to create an exquisite, delicate pattern. Embroidered wedding shoes are frequently decorated with such interesting and beautiful designs. They are often in gold and silver to match the heavy, ornate metallic work that is often seen on bridal dresses.

Style and Trends of Beautiful Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered shoes have become very trendy in the international fashion world. The exquisite beauty of this type of footwear cannot be denied. Moreover, even the simple varieties can be used to beautifully complete bohemian ensembles with an ethnic vibe. For instance, colorful embroidered mojaris would be the perfect footwear to wear with a casual printed kurta or tunic and leggings ensemble. The designs and colors on the shoe should match those on the outfit.

Embroidered wedding shoes are often customized to match the lehenga, saree or salwar kameez worn by the woman on her special day. Even men can wear custom embroidered shoes to pair with their glorious wedding sherwani. With ornate, zari work fabrics, an ordinary shoe will look odd and out of place. This is why customized, embroidered shoes with matching designs are today considered a must have part of any bridal ensemble.