Exploring the Range of Fashion Earrings

Exploring the Range of Fashion Earrings

Fashion jewelry is the colloquial term used for costume jewelry that is made using more affordable materials like plastic and rhinestone. It can be worn on a daily basis, reused with a number of different ensembles and is not heavy on the pocket. Within the broad category of fashion jewelry one can always count on fashion earrings being an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. With Indian women however, the range or the collection of fashion earrings becomes all the more diverse. A fashion earring can be simple or elaborate, with dangles or in the shape of an ear cuff. Within these types, women prefer purchasing fashion earrings based on the occasion for which it is required, the price and the look i.e. whether it is modern or traditional.

There is a vast variety in terms of ethnic fashion earrings that women can choose from. The most traditional handicraft forms in India revolve around wood work, jute work, textile weaving and embroidery. This has also inspired a string of traditional looking fashion jewelry that can be worn with modern outfits. For instance, women can be seen purchasing big fashion earrings of the hoop kind with colorful thread wound around the frame. This is especially useful for color blocking and contrasting while styling. Another style of large fashion earrings have colorful beards hanging from a bell like frame which are commonly known as jhumkis. Many young girls and women buy jhumkis to pair with their salwar kameez sets. Faux wood pieces with Warli prints on them as well as imitation terracotta earrings are very popular in the urban market places of India. These are the perfect amalgam of traditional and artsy, which is why they appeal so much to young women.

The latest fashion earrings in India are all about bold statement pieces in unconventional modern motifs. Using eccentric designs – like that of birds like owls or ravens, animals like pandas, items like slippers or mustaches – as the main motifs is a trend that has come about only recently but has caught on like wild fire among the younger demographics. All these new fashion earrings’ styles are more popular with young women because of their global influence and inspiration from global trends such as having been spotted on internationally renowned ramps.

Oxidized silver earrings are often counted as cheap fashion earrings. However, these are reliable pieces that can be donned and used almost all the time. These fashion earrings for women are vastly popular due to their versatility. For instance, women often buy a pair of silver hoop earrings with stones on them to go with a simple indo western outfits as well as a churidar kameez. Moreover, they come in a number of conventional and modern deigns as well as adorning styles which makes them a commonly found staple in women’s jewelry boxes.

However, for grand events like wedding and cocktail parties, oxidized silver jewelry is not very well suited. This is why lately women have also begun picking up on gold fashion earrings. These pieces are styled in motifs and patterns that may or may not be traditional-looking but the overall nature of the piece is to tie in grandeur and celebrate the beauty of the outfit. Imitation Kundan and Polki are conventionally styled gold fashion earrings while the more artistic gold earrings may come with more stylized, western designs.

Style and Trends for Fashion Earrings

When it comes to styling with fashion earrings, India has only picked up on this trend in a big way since 2010, though certain cheaper traditional varieties have been around for many years. For instance, the peacock feather has been used as earrings for a long time, but have recently also become trendy fashion items.

Here are certain trending fashion earrings that can be stylishly used by women.

  • Jewel Studded Fashion Earrings – These types of earrings can be worn with traditional attires that are in lighter fabrics, such as chiffon and georgette sarees. Since they add weight to the overall look, they contrast perfectly with the gracefulness of the saree. These pieces also become ideal wedding saree accessories that can also be used on other special occasions.
  • Statement Earrings – Fashion jewelry that is crafted to have one bold piece at the center, surrounded by subtle yet intricate patterns in metallic colors are ideal for Bollywood designer sarees, especially if they are light on prints and other embellishments.
  • Beaded Earrings – Beaded earrings are fancy yet light enough to complement casual and semi-formal attires such as a kurti and jeans or kurta and salwar without a dupatta or stole. There are variants where the earrings are made of numerous small beads or a few big beads, among others.