Exploring Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry refers to any jewelry made using artificial materials, with the main purpose being ornamentation rather than investment. Jewelry made out of real gold, silver and gems has been produced for centuries. This type of jewelry is naturally quite expensive and precious, and women till today prefer wearing it only for very special occasions. For more casual occasions and for day to day life, it is not safe, appropriate or feasible to wear such jewelry. This is where fashion jewellery comes in. Such accessories are designed to look as ‘real’ as possible and come in a lot of beautiful varieties so that women can add some glamour to their look without having to splurge a huge amount.

Earlier fashion jewerly was called ‘costume jewelry’ and used in a theatrical context. They were made using cowry, rhinestone, nickel, brass and other less expensive materials. This type of cheap fashion jewelry is still widely popular, especially in western countries, and amongst younger women, who want to add as much color and variety to their outfit as possible. Today, fashion jewlery also includes more classy options made out of plastic, silver, beads, glass, copper, bronze and wood. All these materials are not costly but are very versatile and hence can be easily crafted into a lot of different types of fashion jewelery. One can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and rings as well as complete fashion jewelry sets.

It is not just western jewelry that can be adapted in this way. Indian fashion jewelry is a very popular category not only in the Indian subcontinent but across the world. Indian jewelry is a treasure trove of intricate designs, beautiful patterns and stunning shapes. Many of these were only produced for royalty at one point, since they were the only ones who could afford the glorious Kundan, Polki, Thewa and Meenakari sets. With the influx of cost-effective substitutes and innovative production methods in fashion jewellery, India became a big source of stunning accessories. Cheap fashion jewellery includes the typical necklaces and earrings as well as Indian jewelry like anklets, toe-rings, kaleera, mang tikka, bangles and nose rings.

When it comes to Indian jewellery, fashion dictates the use of elegant materials like silver and beads. Some of the most popular types of jewelry include glass bangles, silver necklaces, plastic earrings or jhumkas, beaded bracelets and anklets strung with bells or brass motifs. Fashion jewellery designs typically incorporate Indian motifs of flowers, fruits, trees, plants, birds and even mythological figures as well as twisting geometric shapes and lines. Since this type of jewelry is so cheap to produce, fashion jewelry designers don’t hesitate to experiment with funky and off-beat designs like asymmetrical shapes, off-centre pendants and multiple chains or links. Moreover, off-beat pieces like ear cuffs, chokers, arm bands, waist chains are typically found only in fashion jewelry collections. Another funky type of jewelry is the antique style jewelry. Silver, bronze, copper or brass are given a dull finish, resembling ancient metals. Mirrors and beads are frequently set into the antique style pieces.

Classy fashion jewelry is also available in the market. For instance, one can get fake or artificial pearl jewelry, gold plated jewelry, crystal jewelry and silver filigree jewelry to name just a few. These are designed and wrought carefully, just like ‘real jewelry’, with the only difference being the cost, which is much lower. In the bargain, they tend to fade quickly or break more often, but this can actually be an advantage since it allows women to change up their jewelry collection and stock up on the latest styles every season without feeling guilty.

Styling is Easy with Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry can be matched with almost any type of outfit. For such formal and festive occasions as weddings, high-end parties and festivals, real jewelry is a must. However, for daily wear, casual parties, get-togethers, office wear, meetings and dates, fashion jewelry can be worn without a problem. In fact pairing up the latest trends in fashion jewelry with their clothes and incorporating funky designs into their personal style can be great fun for women.

For instance, a simple tunics and leggings outfit can be jazzed up with some metallic fashion necklaces for women and a set of trendy bronze bangles. To add some color and style to a pale floral kurta, various Indian style necklaces and earrings made of antique metals, beads or glass can be considered. Alternatively, with a glamorous evening wear salwar kameez afashion bracelet studded with glittering rhinestones can be just what is needed to add some sparkle.

A common mistake women make with fashion jewelry is over-accessorizing. Just like with real gold or diamond jewelry, it is better to have a coordinated and integrated outfit rather than over-load the senses with tons of beads and glitter.