Funky glass beads necklace

Funky glass beads necklace

A glass bead necklace is one of the most interesting forms of street jewelry worn by women. They exude an elegant aura without being extremely expensive. In terms of contemporary trends in street jewelry, predominantly those comprising beads, it has made a large comeback in the world of Indian ethnic fashion. An increasing number of women prefer wearing these light and undemanding forms of jewelry as opposed to the typical Indian or western forms of precious metals and stones. You can wear them with a limited set of garments to begin with. Working professionals in their twenties and early thirties, students who enjoy accessorizing their outfits are mostly seen wearing this form of jewelry during the day and night. The high market demand and commercial viability make them a separate set of street jewelry that you can even wear in semi formal occasions, formal occasions as well as parties and clubs. While contemporary styles include golden or silver colored strings, or shapes manipulated to form intricate designs, beads are also an increasingly popular form of jewelry, especially with bohemian trends that are gaining vast popularity these days. Glass beads jewelry is a great version of beaded jewelry because it makes all the elements slightly more appropriate for work and constitutes an extremely elegant look. Unlike regular beaded jewelry, they are a little on the higher end of the market because they do not look like the kinds of accessories that are worn by extremely young women. This is primarily because of the way they are designed. These items can be as intricate and elaborate as semi-precious forms of jewelry, adding to their overall glamour.

Glass beads jewelry designs are known to incorporate a variety of motifs and patterns, which appeal to women with different tastes and preferences. Since glass is an extremely delicate material, this form of jewelry looks best when it incorporates a slightly floral motif, adding to the overall delicate look of the entire jewelry set. One of the things that are extremely important to know in this regard is that it is not as breakable or fragile as glass generally tends to be. Glass beads are made by not only blowing the glass to create certain shapes but also adding elements of clay or other materials to the beads in order to make them strong. An interesting fact about this form of jewelry is that it dates back to 3,000 years, with the oldest piece found in Dublin. In the archeological context, this form of jewelry is very significant as it has been discovered in various regions like Rome and Egypt. Not only does it underline the prevalence of trade and communication between different kingdoms, it also shows that glass beads for jewelry are an ancient craft, which can lend a slightly sophisticated and worldly aura to the woman wearing them.

Glass beads jewelry designs can vary on the basis of the materials used to create the beads in the first place and the overall technique used to create the jewelry. For instance, when dichroic glass is used, there is an extremely thin sheet of metal, which is pressed onto the surface of the glass beads. This is done to give it an extremely unique metallic sheen. Other design forms can include aspects like swirls in the glass, plain glass beads and patterned ones.

Styling with glass beads necklace

Depending on the type of glass beads necklace worn, you can pair these jewelry items with a plethora of garments to create an extremely unique look. For a slightly more casual look, these necklaces can be paired with indo western tunic top and colorful leggings, and can also be accompanied by glass bead bracelets on the arm or matching earrings for a slightly dressed up look. This look can be worn both for work and regular events. You need to allow a slightly casual form of attire in this regard.

For a slightly more formal look, these forms of jewelry can be paired with different kinds of Indian ethnic attire to add a contemporary look to what can generally be described as a traditional garment. For instance, a lovely chiffon saree paired with a delicate floral patterned necklace made of glass beads can look really great and add so much elegance to the overall delicate yet glamorous look of a chiffon saree. Similarly, abstract necklaces with glass beads can be worn with a salwar kameez set to enhance the general youthful vibe that resonates with this garment.