Elegance of the Heart Pendant Necklace

Elegance of the Heart Pendant Necklace

Pendants have been a favorite fashion accessory with women for many centuries now. They are one of the most commonly seen accessories at parties and special occasions because of their elegance, subtlety and the fact that they are very versatile and available in a million different colors and designs. Over the years, certain designs and shapes have become very iconic and have transcended the trend which first made them popular to become ever green, classic wardrobe items. One such accessory is the heart pendant necklace which is a very popular and in demand jewelry item across the world, in western as well as eastern countries.

Heart pendant necklaces, as the name suggests, are simply necklaces that come with a heart shaped pendant attached. Typically, the heart shaped pendant is quite large and strung from a thin chain, which really draws attention to the shape and size of the pendant. A pendant is supposed to be a smaller and more elegant version of a necklace as it has quite a thin chain on which a pendant is hung but the heart shaped pendant does not really fit that mold. Due to the unique shape of the heart which is instantly recognizable, this type of pendant is unforgettable and can quite often be a show stopping statement accessory. The heart shape of the pendant is loaded with symbolism and meaning as this is a very easily recognized indicator of love, romance and femininity in western culture. Consequently, this type of necklace is often given as a gift to a romantic partner. That does not mean that women cannot purchase this for themselves, as they often do if they want to show off a softer and more feminine side of their personality.

There are many different types of heart pendant necklaces in the market. From the shape, size and look of the pendant to the type of chain used, many different factors of the necklace can vary. The heart can be of a small pea size or as large as a fist; it can be a single large heart or a string of tiny hearts put together. The chain itself can be a thin and subtle bead or link chain or an intricately wrought and/or painted metallic chain that has a richer, more ornate look.

The materials used to create the necklace can also have a huge impact on the look of the necklace. The most luxurious and fine looking is the gold heart pendant necklace in which the entire pendant is made of pure, fine gold. Artificial gold or gold plated metals can also be used to achieve the same look at much lower price. When it comes to expensive and fine looking varieties of the heart pendant necklace, gold in a yellow shade is not the only choice. Women can also opt for a white gold heart pendant necklace with the delicate white sheen that is so desirable or a silver heart pendant necklace with the ethereal glow of silver. Besides these classic metals, women can also go for bronze, brass, copper and tin as well as non metallic substances like plastic, cloth, rhinestone or crystal. The use of precious and semi precious gems is also extremely prevalent in heart pendant necklaces. From a single shining stone carved into an attractive ornament or tiny beads shaped like hearts strung on a double heart pendant necklace, the choices are many.

Heart shaped motifs are often included nowadays even in traditional, Indian jewelry styles such as Kundan or Meenakari. These are almost always made of gold. Here, the heart shaped motif is often embossed, enameled or carved with different ethnic designs such as flowers and vines to create a more attractive and Indian look for the pendant. Indian necklaces with this type of design often come with a locket design in which the heart can be opened and filled with herbs, a photo or any small materials.

Styling and Trends

Heart pendant necklaces are considered a very classic and feminine type of jewelry. Their popularity experienced a spike because of the fact that they are often featured as a significant piece of jewelry in romantic movies. Hollywood epics like Titanic have imbued heart pendant necklaces with a kind of romantic vibe. That is why they are often worn as stand-alone or statement accessories which complete the outfits. It is best to pair them with deep cut outfits where they are properly visible and shown off to the world. In casual wear, they can be paired with v-neck tunics, low cut salwar kameez and u-neck kaftans; in terms of formal wear they look best when paired with simple but elegantchiffon sarees, deep cut anarkali salwar suits and low cut lehenga cholis.