High Heel Sandals With Indian Touch

High Heel Sandals With Indian Touch

Nothing exudes style, sophistication, and glamour like a pair of beautiful high heel sandals. Women across the world love accessorizing their formal, casual and party looks with dazzling high heel sandals which work as an ornamental and functional addition to any outfit. These are often considered a western style of footwear since they were first invented a few centuries back in Europe and are a crucial part of western fashion.

While these iconic shoes are definitely available in a lot of gorgeous western designs, they have also, in recent times, become an important part of Indian fashion. Indian designers have taken the high heel sandal and re-invented it to fit in with Indian looks. Thus there are numerous types of ladies high heel sandals available in the market to appeal to women with a diverse range of tastes.

When it comes to accessorizing a formal outfit with sandals, high heels are the best bet as they lend a certain elegant air that balances out the comfortable and casual vibe of open toed sandals. The high heels are extremely useful for women who want to add some height to their look; on the other hand, they also enhance the drape of evening wear garments. This is especially the case with certain Indian clothes such as sarees and lehenga cholis. In fact high heel sandals match well with all types of Indian dresses, including salwar kameez, kurta pajamas and kurtis.

The heel on the sandal can vary in both shape and size. Women who want greater height and a more daring look frequently opt for heels as high as five inches, but the norm is to wear no more than 3 inches. Sandals with 1-2 inch heels are also called kitten heels while the tallest, thinnest heels are termed stilettos.


Another popular type of high heel sandal is the wedge heel which comes with a block shaped heel that is much easier to balance on and is hence preferred by women who are intending to walk around a lot when wearing this type of footwear. The front portion of the sandal can also vary depending on the size, cut and designs of straps and thongs on the shoe. Sandals can come with all types of designs, including toe ring designs, v-shape straps, gladiator straps, criss-cross straps, parallel straps and much more. What is chosen will depend entirely on the aesthetic preferences and the comfort level of the woman.

High heel sandals also come in a number of interesting and eye-catching designs, inspired by Indian and western trends. For instance, in India, commonly worn and extremely popular types of footwear are the brown high heel sandals made of real leather. These are exquisitely crafted using ancient Indian methods of shoe making and are a kind of fusion footwear as they combine a western look with Indian materials. Indian sandals can also be more colorful, with brightly embroidered or embellished designs made with silk or gold threads, crystals work, zardosi work, beads work and zari ribbons. The most ornate high heel sandals from India come with twisting ethnic motifs such as birds, flowers, trees, fruits etc.

Western sandals with heels are also very glamorous in their look, often incorporating diamante work and pretty sequins to create a glittering effect for the shoe. On the other hand, simple but versatile black high heel sandals are one of those classic western evening wear items that are a great investment since they match well with different kinds of clothing. For the same reason, white high heel sandals made of faux or real leather and/or covered in silk or satin cloth are considered a staple and look very classy and elegant.

Style Tips

High heel sandals simply cannot go out of fashion as they offer too many benefits as a decorative and functional accessory. They can instantly dress up any outfit and elevate it from drab to fab. This is why they are seen so frequently on red carpets, runways and in fashion magazines. Women love to collect high heel sandals in different colors and styles to match with different outfits. In fact, adding a pair of perfectly matching sandals can often be the final touch of elegance needed to complete an outfit.

Matching shoes with dresses is a classic styling choice. Thus with a red net saree, a pair of red high heel sandals will look beautiful. However many women today are opting to create interesting visual contrasts by pairing up differently colored shoes. This can be done in a subtle manner, by matching up a pair of pink high heel sandals with a beige Anarkali with pink embroidery work on it, or it can be done in a dramatic fashion by accentuating a stark monochrome outfit with a pair of blue high heel sandals.