Fashionable Costume Shoes

Fashionable Costume Shoes

Costume shoes are shoes that can be worn during performances along with garments that are designed for performances. These shoes are usually more colorful or glittery than regular shoes as they are meant to stand out on the stage when worn. However, this is not where the significance of these shoes end – costume shoes also refers to footwear that can be worn with the Indian costume, or any Indian garment, in a way that adds additional appeal to both, the garment and the person who is wearing the garment as well. This is what makes them so interesting. As there is a whole variety of outfits when it comes to Indian ethnic attire, there are more than enough different kinds of shoes that can look great with these garments, no matter what visual appeal they embody. Indian footwear refers to shoes that are designed and styled in India according to Indian aesthetics. These include a variety of items such as mojaris, juttis and chappals, which were all invented indigenously and are mostly worn with Indian garments. These can be made from a variety of different kinds of fabrics such as leather, cloth, rubber and so on, which ensures that they can be paired with different garments or outfits.

When it comes to footwear that are essentially men’s, Indian shoes such as juttis are one of the most popular options as they are meant to be worn with garments designed for formal occasions such as weddings or religious ceremonies. Other types such as chappals, which are essentially flip flops, can be worn on a regular basis on any given day and, depending on the style and design of the shoes, they can also be worn for casual events such as a fun lunch with friends. Thus, when it comes to Indian shoes for men, there are very few restrictions when it comes to dressing or styling.

On the other hand, when it comes to Indian shoes for women, a lot can be said about the topic because there are a lot of different types of shoes designed specifically for different garments or outfits. For instance, high heeled shoes such as platform shoes and stilettos are fairly popular styles of shoes in the Indian market. These are paired with both Indian and western as well as indo western garments quite easily. Flat shoes in the forms of V shaped footwear as well as flip flops are also quite popular. While heels are generally worn for a more formal setting, such as the work place or a wedding or festival, flat shoes can be worn just about anywhere with any type of garment without any hassles taking place. This is one of the reasons why women prefer these flat shoes because the potential of a fashion faux pas occurring is much lesser. These look great for casual events and occasions and can also be worn on a daily basis by women.

Styling Indian costume shoes

Indian costume shoes are fantastic because they are so versatile. This means that styling them is extremely easy as they can be successfully paired with a whole host of different outfits easily. One of the most common ways to style an outfit with the perfect pair of shoes is to judge whether or not the outfit and shoe both are meant for similar events before pairing them together in order to achieve a cohesive and interesting look once the ensemble is created. Jewelry should always compliment either the garments being worn or the shoes but not necessarily both.

When it comes to Indian shoes, men have the option to pair an embroidered jutti with a stunning sherwani in order to get the perfect look for a wedding. As both are ethnic in their appeal, one can hardly go wrong with this approach. On the other hand, a pair of stone studded juttis can be paired with a plain kurta pajama in order to create a fun look that can break the monotony of a plainer outfit. Many Indian men also like to pair turbans or stoles with their garments while accessorizing and the same holds true for vests as well.

Women can always pair a chiffon saree with interesting color blocked platform shoes to create an extremely contemporary look with a garment that is considered to be traditional. Similarly, high heeled shoes can also be used to accessorize an anarkali suit and add more definition to the skirt itself. Flip flops can be worn with a salwar kameez set or even with an indo western outfit such as tunics with leggings to create a young and interesting look on the whole.

Thus, Indian shoes can be extremely versatile and paired easily with different kinds of garments.