Exquisite Kundan Jewelry

Exquisite Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry is one of the most popular styles of jewelry donned by women, especially during the wedding season. This is an extremely traditional form of jewelry that is created with the help of gold foils. These foils are used to create a mount that anchors various stones. A highly lauded version of this form of jewelry is one with un-cut diamonds in the mount. Kundan sets are believed to have originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat, and are considered to be one of the oldest forms of jewelry in India. It flourished under the patronage of the Mughal rulers. As these were widely popular amongst the women of court, a more affordable version of this jewelry was created by the common-folk in silver and worn heavily by the people of Rajasthan and Punjab. Since Jaipur is the main center of production, Kundan jewelry sets are also referred to as Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewelry.

Kundan necklace sets are considered to be one of the most essential aspects of the bridal trousseau due to their exquisite aesthetics. As a result, no bridal wedding attire in India is complete without these sets. While the bride is expected to wear a number of jewelry items, it is customary to see guests sporting Kundan necklaces. Due to their vast popularity and prevalence in wedding ceremonies for centuries, they are now considered to be an integral part of India’s wedding culture.

However, this does not restrict women from wearing these sets only during weddings. Most formal occasions are appropriate for wearing a variety of Kundan jewelry. These can be found as necklaces, mang tikkas, rings, thick bracelets, earrings and even nose rings in certain cases. As a result, this style of jewelry is considered to be very versatile and can be worn by women across different age groups. They are also intricately carved and set with a vast number of Kundan stones like emeralds, rubies, diamonds, un-cut diamonds and so on, which means that finding varied aesthetics in this genre is quite easy, no matter what your tastes or preferences are.

Another interesting aspect of Kundan jewelry is the stunning aesthetic created by Kundan Meena, which mainly refers to Meenakari work done on this form of jewelry. This means that gold is usually colored with bright reds, blues or greens, which creates a radiant aesthetic. These pieces or sets are also widely popular and you can wear them for semi-formal occasions as well.

In order to appeal to the people who prefer contemporary aesthetics, Kundan jewelry is also made while keeping in mind newer forms of design. This means that one can also find western aesthetics while looking for Kundan jewelry, which is ideal for someone who is living abroad who wants to get ethnic jewelry that can appeal to their social circle or peer group without being odd.

Styling with Kundan Jewelry

Kundan jewelry is an extremely versatile form of jewelry that goes well with a number of ethnic garments. Pairing an intricately created Kundan necklace with a lovely chiffon saree is great idea because it creates an interesting balance between the delicate material of the saree and the sturdier aesthetics of the jewelry itself. While wearing this kind of saree, women tend to usually pair high heeled shoes or stilettos with them. This is mainly because these shoes compliment the fall of the saree, and add more to the height of the woman wearing them.

Kundan jewelry can also goes admirably well an elaborate anarkali suit. For an especially regal aesthetic, a floor length anarkali is ideal for this. Since anarkalis add a stately charm that echoes the glory of the Mughal days and Kundan sets happen to be jewelry forms that flourished during the Mughal era, their mutual compliance is absolutely justified. Women usually tend to pair high heeled shoes or platforms with them as this is mainly because these shoes compliment the fall of the saree and add more to the height of the woman wearing them. However, wearing flat V shaped shoes are also quite common as they add a certain grace to the floor length itself.

Women can also choose from a variety of different handbags for completing their ensemble. Cutdana handbags are also quite popular like silk pouches. The choice of handbag depends largely on the kind of garments being worn and the taste of the woman. This particular factor makes this decision highly individualistic.

To add more to the ethnic look, women can also add a bindi to their ensemble.