Metal Bangles And Its Varieties

Metal Bangles And Its Varieties

Bangles are traditional ornaments from India that have today gained popularity and recognition around the world. These ancient jewelry pieces are worn across India by women of all ages and come in many different forms, colors and shapes. The most commonly worn and purchased variety are the metal bangles which can be made of a variety of metallic substances, from pure and precious metals to cheaper alloys. A single metal

A single metal bangle, also called the kadha, also has a spiritual significance in certain regions of India and is worn by both men and women. However, most people today choose to wear metal bangles set as a fashion accessory.

A bangle is basically a type of rigid, circular bracelet that is worn on the wrists. Typically, metal bangles are worn in a set of six, twelve or eighteen, though in some cultures more may be worn, reaching all the way till the elbows or even further. Metal bangle bracelets have a very unique, ethnic charm and can work as a statement accessory or as supplementary accessories to other large pieces such as a necklace or earrings.

Variety Of Metal Bangles

Metallic Bangle Set in Silver Stone Studded Bangle Set in Silver

There are many different types of metal bangles for girls, including both Indian and western varieties. Though this is an ethnic piece of jewelry, it has today become popular around the world which is why there are many metal bangles designs influenced by western culture and aesthetics. When these new and innovative varieties are added to the already exciting catalog of traditional & regional varieties, it creates a truly fascinating range of dazzling options in metal bangles.

The most popular materials used in the creation of these bangles are gold and silver in their purest form. Besides these, artificial gold, gold plated metals, silver alloys, bronze, brass, copper, oxidized or antique metals, tin/iron alloys and other metallic substances can also be used. While the pure metals have a very refined and unique look, the more affordable substitutes like oxidized silver or bronze have a certain beauty of their own. In India, bangles, especially silver metal bangles, are often hand crafted using ancient metal molding techniques which are employed to create intricate and beautiful designs on the ornament. They are beautifully polished and have a very sophisticated look.

The most ornate and attractive variety are the gold metal bangles. These can be simple, thin gold bangles, meant to be worn in a set of twelve as subtle but attractive wrist accessories, or they can be thicker, richer looking ornaments which are usually reserved for special occasions. These are usually made using techniques like Kundan, Meenakari, Thewa, Polki and other exquisite and exclusive regional jewelry making crafts.

Vintage items like Kundan bangles have a very traditional appeal and are considered auspicious accessories for brides. They come with beautiful crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, uncut diamonds, pearls, beads and other types of decorations which are fitted into the metal settings.

There are also many colorful and/or monochrome metal bangles made with cheaper substitutes like beads and rhinestones. These can be worn in an informal or casual environment and often come with glittering, intricate designs of Indian motifs like peacocks, flowers, fruits and animal symbols. This is in contrast with finely wrought metal bangles for formal occasions, which tend to have delicate and exquisite designs. One can also find plain metallic bangles with unique designs of mesh or nets (called lattice) created by molding the metal before it is fully formed. Twisting geometric shapes, triple link designs and charms additions are common features in western style metal bangles.

Style Tips

Metallic Combo Bangle Set in Multicolour
Metallic Combo Bangle Set in Multicolour

Metal bangles are considered an extremely trendy piece of jewelry, both in India and abroad, and can be used to accessorize Indian as well as western outfits. Of course, the type of styling done varies depending on whether the look is western or Indian. For instance, many Hollywood celebrities have popularized the trend of using multiple metallic bangles to accessorize bohemian, artistic looks comprised of flowing chiffon tunics, printed tunic dresses and ethnic printed skirts. Bangles match beautifully with these kinds of stylish and comfortable casual wear or summer wear summer outfits, but won’t really pair well with formal western clothing such as pant suits or business blazers.

However, bangles are a great way to accessorize formal as well as casual Indian outfits. Gold metal bangles are frequently paired up with gorgeous wedding sarees and embellished lehenga choli while silver metal bangles are a great way to dress up cotton or linen salwar kameez. Unconventional and modern Indian outfits such as black saris can be matched with eye-catching black metal bangles studded with grey pearls and black stones. Alternatively, the classic white metal bangles studded with pearls and diamonds would be a great choice with elegant chiffon saris as well as crystal embellished anarkalis.