Attractive Metal Bracelets

Attractive Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets are circular wrist accessories made with any type of metallic substance. They are one of the most popular accessories today for men as well as women. Metal bracelets have been worn by people for many centuries. Until the last century or so, bracelets were used quite sparingly and were less popular as compared to other forms of jewelry such as necklaces and rings. Nowadays, however, bracelets have become an indispensable accessory and those made of metal are considered extremely fashionable.

Metal bracelets can be of many different types. Aesthetically speaking, each of these has its own appeal. However, in general all metal bracelets have certain common points which have led to their immense popularity as a fashion accessory. They are extremely easy to wear and carry around and even in their heaviest forms they don’t present too much of a problem. Moreover, metal bracelets have a lot of durability and are quite long lasting as compared to flimsier materials like plastic or fragile materials like glass. The variety of choices itself is an attraction as there are not only many different types of metals, there are also many different ways of working metal. Those with diverse tastes and styles can find something or the other in any metal bracelet collection.

Another major attraction of this accessory is that you can mold it very easily be as per the customer’s wishes and desires. Custom metal bracelets have become a very popular means of expressing individual tastes and styles. The bracelets can be cut, painted, polished and tinted in the style you want; however, the most popular type of customized metal bracelets are those engraved with the desired designs, words or numbers. These kinds of personalized metal bracelets are often purchased as a gift, with the inscription usually having some kind of personal significance. The customization can also be done for fashion purposed, as many customers want their personality reflected in their jewelry and hence choose designs that express their personal aesthetic preferences.

You can use different kinds of metals to make these accessories. Gold and silver are the most commonly used metals for fancy jewelry pieces, while tin, copper, bronze, oxidized metals and alloys are commonly used for casual wear or junk accessories. Artificial as well as plated versions of gold and silver are also feasible in this context. Sometimes, different types of jewels, beads and gemstones are also added to modify the design’s beauty. In western fashion, the most popular style of metal bracelet is the simple, plain circlet with a clasp close and subtle designs.

Indian fashion is a whole new ball game. Here, the variety is simply tremendous. From heavy metal bracelets made with antique gold or silver and decorated with intricate ethnic motifs to the funky looking metal beads bracelets, there are a lot of different design options to choose from. Many of the metal bracelets in India are handcrafted by rural jewelry makers skilled in the art of molding and ornamentation. In different parts of the country, different designs and patterns are preferred. While some jewelry artisans may prefer the ethnic appeal of copper, bronze, brass and antique gold and silver, others prefer the luxurious sheen of polished gold and silver. Some heavy metal bracelets come with the base metal wrought into elaborate shapes and designs. For instance, twisting dragon and snake shapes are very popular, as well as floral wreaths and intricate nature scenes. Meenakari bracelets are also very popular in India. These are metal bracelets embossed with glossy and colorful designs.

These kinds of intricately carved, elaborately wrought accessories are usually counted as metal bracelets for women because of their ornate appeal and appearance. Men’s metal bracelets usually come with simpler, less complex designs with a more rugged appeal. For instance, chain link bracelets that resemble a thick chain, with a small plate of color hanging, are extremely popular metal bracelets for men. Traditional Indian bracelets made with refined gold and gems are also sometimes worn by men for special occasions like weddings. These kinds of metal bracelets for men’s wear are quite opulent but still differ in terms of design from the ones worn by women.

Styling it Right

Wearing a metal bracelet has become a huge fashion trend in India and around the world. Men and women love wearing different types of metal bracelets for casual and formal events. If the bracelet in question is a chunky one with intricate designs, it can be worn as statement jewelry with a printed tunic, floral embroidered salwar kameez or chiffon kurti. With an elegant saree or anarkali suit, a simple gold or silver bracelet can be worn to add a touch of class and elegance. Simple silver bracelets are a great investment as they are versatile enough to be worn on an everyday basis with different ensembles.