Metal Beaded Necklaces For That Bling Factor

Metal Beaded Necklaces For That Bling Factor

Indian culture is one of the most exciting and intriguing sources of fashion inspiration in the world. Fashion connoisseurs across the globe have discerned many beautiful design and clothing inspirations in India. In this juncture, Indian designers have created a plethora of interesting styles for exploration and experimentation. This extends not only to clothing and garments but also to various accessories like shoes, bags and yes, jewelry. There are many traditional, fusion and modern types of jewelry in India, which you can accessorize well with both Indian and western clothing styles. Metal beaded necklaces are one such highly popular variety.

As the name suggests, a metal bead necklace is made using globular metallic shapes. However, an Indian metal beads necklace differs from any other similar type of jewelry of another country. These types of necklaces are in fact found in cultures around the world. They have been used for many centuries for decoration and ritualistic purposes.

This is because metals were one of the earliest materials used to create jewelry. Moreover, the bead shape ornament is also equally ancient in its origins and has been found in various countries. Thus, while India cannot claim the metal beaded necklace as its own, the varieties found here are differentiated by their unique charm and beauty.

Beaded Necklace Set
Beaded Necklace Set

It is quite easy to mold metal beads for necklace use. Metals like gold, silver, brass, bronze and copper, and cheaper ones like steel and iron can be easily melted and then cast into different globular shapes that resemble beads. There are many different varieties of metal beads necklaces to choose from. It depends on a variety of factors including the designs and colors of beads used, the composition of the beads, the way in which they are strung and the size of the metal and bead necklace.

The simplest of these is the metal bead chain necklace, which essentially consists of tiny beads attached together to create a plain chain. You can use this base chain to hang different types of simple or ornate pendants, or it can be used on its own to accessorize every day looks. The pendants added can be large, beautifully wrought depictions of natural motifs such as peacocks, paisley, lotus, jasmine, flowering branches and animals, or they can be small, stone-studded drops with a metallic casting. The concerned type really depends on the look desired by the wearer.

The metal used can also greatly influence the aesthetic of the jewelry piece. For instance, a black metal bead necklace is made using oxidized versions of silver and gold, which come with a typically blackened look. This creates a very antique vibe for the jewelry piece, which is really in demand nowadays, especially with people who have bohemian tastes. The appeal of an enchanting, sparkling silver metal bead necklace with a polished hue is certainly undeniable. Besides, these are also highly in demand. It is an affordable form of special occasion jewelry.

Variety of Beaded Necklaces

You can shape, color and design the beads in a number of different ways. They can be plain, perfectly shaped globes of the exact same size strung together, or they can be elaborately carved oblongs of different sizes strung with ornaments made of different shapes like flowers, birds and leaves. Indian jewelry makers love to delicately carve beautiful shapes on metal beads and display them with alternating plain beads on a string.

This is done in order to highlight their charm. Religious symbols and depictions of deities or spiritual emblems are also quite common. For instance, a metal bead cross necklace is one of the most popular forms of Christian jewelry. Metals don’t take on colors very well but by using certain traditional Indian techniques like Meenakari (a form of enameling), bright colors can be transposed on to the beads, which would then be used to create necklaces. The necklaces can be of varying sizes, from waist-length, bohemian chains to simple and elegant beaded chokers and pendant necklaces.

Style Tips

Metal beaded necklaces are an integral part of bohemian fashion. As such, they never really go out of style, though the popular types at any given moment may change depending on prevalent trends. Women can use them in a variety of ways to style both Indian and western ensembles. For instance, a silver metal bead necklace would sync beautifully with an elegant chiffon tunic with silver thread work on the borders. On the other hand, a carved metal beads necklace with interesting Indian motifs would be the perfect addition to a kurti and leggings outfit, especially if the kurti is printed with beautiful ethnic designs.

They can even be used to accessorize formal or party wear outfits like georgette sarees or anarkali salwar kameez. Metal bead necklaces would look best paired with outfits that have some kind of silver zari work, sequins designs or mirror work on them.