Subtle Beauty of Pearl Bracelets

Subtle Beauty of Pearl Bracelets

Pearls are considered the queen of all gems for a reason. These ethereally beautiful gems have been used to create high class ornaments for many centuries; in fact, archeologists have even found evidence showing that pearls were used by humans to make gorgeous jewelry several thousand years ago! Pearls are universally favored gems and are used to stud jewelry pieces from countries around the world. Their soft glow and smooth beauty makes them one of the most feminine and luxurious forms of ornamentation for a woman. Pearls have been used to make all kinds of jewelry pieces, from necklaces and bangles to rings and earrings, but of late the one type of jewelry that has really become a wardrobe staple are pearl bracelets.

Bracelets are essentially wrist accessories that have a circular shape and flexible design. They are often an underrated accessory as they are not as flashy and obvious as necklaces or a pair of large earrings; nevertheless, they are an extremely useful and versatile type of accessory and can serve as the finishing or binding touch in any stylish look. The classy and understated vibe of the bracelet matches beautifully with the subtle beauty of pearls, which is why pearl bracelets jewelry is highly in demand the world over. Pearls have been used to create bracelets for many years in countries around the world and consequently there are many different types of patterns and designs women can choose from.

The pearls used can vary in color, size and purity, which in itself can have a huge impact on how the look of bracelet. For instance, women often opt for artificial pearls made of more affordable synthetic substitutes to wear on a daily basis because this is a good option for low cost styling. For more formal occasions, they might opt for cultured pearls which are essentially pearls which have been cultivated in a tank. These have the typical pearl look, with the subtle luster and smooth surface, but are much more affordable than the naturally occurring pearls which are priced higher because of their rarity. Typically, the stunningly beautiful natural or real pearls are used to create handmade pearl bracelets. Handmade bracelets tend to have a more exquisite, refined look as they are crafted by skilled jewelers with a specific artistic vision in mind. The color of the pearls can also vary; the most popular and common are of course the creamy white or off-white pearls with the soft silver sheen but women can also go for colored pearl bracelets in shades of pink, yellow or grey which have their own brand of unconventional beauty. Nowadays, black pearl bracelets set with dark toned pearls have become extremely trendy. These add a dramatic, visually appealing edge to the classic beauty of the pearl bracelet design.

The settings of pearl bracelets can also vary from simple gold and silver settings to intricately filigreed designs. Indian jewelry makers often use pearls in the creation of traditional pieces like Kundan bracelets, but here the pearls are not the center of attention. The most exclusive and sophisticated varieties are the designer pearl bracelets which are crafted by high end designers and come with innovative designs and fashion forward patterns. Even within this category, bridal pearl bracelets are the most opulent looking as they are meant to be worn by the bride with her ornate bridal attire. Pearl bracelets for brides are often set in auspicious gold settings, depicting floral or mythological motifs. The pearl bracelets for bridesmaids tend to be a bit simpler and can come with settings other than gold, such as silver or plastic.

Attraction of Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets for women represent a kind of high class elegance and sophisticated sense of style. They have a uniquely attractive look which perfectly balances luxury with class; at the same time, pearl bracelets are also very versatile and can be worn with different types of outfits and ensembles. This is why a pearl bracelet is considered a wardrobe must have: it can be worn on a daily basis for office, to match with different professional attires, but it can also be used to style a chic evening or party look. Moreover, the addition of a pearl bracelet to any outfit instantly ups the style and glamour quotient of the look, which is why it is a favorite with sophisticated fashionistas with a fuss free sense of style.

Pearl bracelets can be used as stand-alone accessories beautifully, especially if the look being aimed for is more feminine and understated. For instance, pearls complement the soft, flowing beauty of chiffon sarees, georgette anarkalis and net lehengas very well and a pearl bracelet can be just the addition needed to such garments to bring out their beauty and grace.