Pep Up Your Look With Pearl Jewelry

Pep Up Your Look With Pearl Jewelry

The pearl is known as the ‘Queen of the Gems’ and is one of those fashion items that is much loved the world over. Pearl jewellery is revered in almost every culture, often associated with class, elegance, beauty, purity and femininity. From ancient times, in both western and eastern cultures, pearls were a symbol of wealth, status, and class which is why they were often used to create stunning royal jewelry. With this kind of history behind it, you can easily understand why a pearl jewelry set is considered a great investment. It is one of those items that is not bound by seasons and trends, but has an eternal charm.

There was a time when only real pearl jewelry made of rare pearls curated from oysters existed; however, the popularity of this item combined with the advances in science led to the emergence of new variations like costume pearl jewelry dotted with fake pearls. This last is especially popular with young girls who like to experiment with different styles in their daily wear wardrobe and prefer the low-cost versions so they can purchase a greater variety.

A good compromise for those who want to get beautiful jewelry sets without spending a huge amount is to go for cultured pearls. These have the same quality and look as the ‘real’ ones though the latter are still valued for their rarity.

There are many varieties and types of pearl jewelry designs available today. From the elaborately wrought royal styles which combine pearls with other gems to the simple but classic strings of pearls, the choices are many for those seeking a pearl jewelry set. More western style pearl jewelry designs include the drop pendants necklaces, cameo necklaces, Victorian necklaces, drop earrings, chokers, and bracelets. These are the popular forms though less common but equally gorgeous varieties like pearl rings and gold or silver set pearl necklaces are available as well.

However, in terms of ornate and resplendent pearl jewelry, India is the answer. Indian pearl jewelry was traditionally worn by princesses and Queens and even in modern times, famous and iconic royals like Maharani Gayatri Devi have made pearl jewelry a part of their signature style. In India, pearl jewelry designs incorporate gold and silver in some form, usually as the setting. They also generally have more than one string of pearls or else the pearls are encrusted within an elaborate metallic and crystal design. Simpler styles include pendants wrought into elegant motifs of peacocks, mangoes, fruits, flowers, leaves or geometric shapes.

The most stunning pearl jewelry designs are reserved for wedding pearl jewelry which is intricately wrought and exquisitely designed to match the magnificence of Indian wedding dresses. Since pearl by itself might be a tad understated for grand weddings, bridal pearl jewelry usually includes a mixture of other designs. For instance, multiple strings of pearls will be attached to an ornate Kundan pendant, thus giving the impression of many necklaces without seeming over the top and while still giving off an elegant, integrated vibe to the outfit.

While traditionally we associate pearls with a gorgeous creamy white color, in reality, many shades are available, from pale pink to yellow and beige. The most dramatic contrast can be achieved by donning black pearl jewelry. Also termed the Tahitian pearl, this is an exotic type of gem that can vary in color from pale grey to shining onyx. Black pearl jewelry naturally has a more stark and modern vibe and is hence used in various contemporary accessories.

Style Tips

The beauty of a pearl jewelry set is that it can be worn around the year with a variety of outfits and for various occasions. The classic style of wearing them, as popularized by Audrey Hepburn, is with a little black dress and heels. In general, they match well with evening gowns and formal dresses in soft, feminine colors. At the same time, they can be easily paired up with silk tunics or silk shirts for a chic business formal look. However the latest pearl

However the latest pearl jewelry designs often experiment with colors and settings; in particular black pearls have an edgy vibe and hence pair well with semi-formal outfits as well bold colors. Vintage pearl jewelry with pendant clasps are also coming back into fashion in a big way and these sets pair well with floral print dresses as well as bridal dresses.

The choice of color is very important in bridal pearl jewelry; the classic white pearls match best with paler colors like pink, yellow or blue rather than a bold red shade. However Indian pearl jewelry sets that combine glittering stones and gold settings with pearls will go perfectly with red or maroon bridal lehenga cholis and bridal saris.