Fashionable Peep Toe Heels

Fashionable Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels account for some of the most fashionable footwear types that are currently creating a buzz in the Indian fashion industry. These shoes, as the name suggests, are open just a little at the toes and are elevated at the back with tapering heels. There are many styles in which peep toe heels can be found. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that they complement almost all kinds of ethnic Indian wear for women and can be worn for nearly all types of occasions. For instance, one of the easiest ways to style a saree, especially one that is in a lighter fabric such as georgette or chiffon, is to pair it with peep toe heels. It is actually a trick that has been implemented by many young women. The slightly open front of a peep toe works well with Indian silhouettes, especially the neckline of the upper garment and the snug-fit of the bottoms such as is the case with Anarkali suits. This type of footwear can be found in a number of color combinations and heel lengths, although the common fact is that it suits women with all body types and shapes as well as heights. Women’s peep toe heels are also the preferred footwear type to be paired with Indo-Western outfits as well.

One of the latest styles in this footwear that has become very popular with women is lace up peep toe heels. This type resembles gladiator heels but is more feminine and delicate due to the open toe feature. Another latest variant in this category are platform peep toe heels, which are vastly popular among younger women, especially for formal and party wear occasions. In general, women prefer high peep toe heels over other varieties, especially for special occasions like weddings, parties, or evening soirees while smaller heels are sought out for formal occasions like religious celebrations or to wear to the office.

There is no denying that saree is a quintessentially Indian garment While a lot of women prefer pairing traditional sarees with strappy flats or wedges, many younger women have discovered the charm of the peep toes especially those that can complement the embellishments on the saree itself. For instance, the zari on a traditional Kanjivaram saree can be matched with a pair of gold peep toe heels. Even when there is no traditional saree to accessorize, there are many shades of this metallic color that one can go for, right from burnished and dark gold to champagne and rose shades that are lighter.

Metallic shades are currently trending in the Indian fashion industry, especially in modern saree styles. Many women have begun picking out chiffon or net sarees in bright solid hues like electric blue; they then pair it up with a light metallic colored blouse, in this case silver. To go with the blouse, one can pick out a pair of silver peep toe heels. Besides pairing metallic hues with a particular element of the ensemble, women also popularly use them as neutral colored embellishments that can be alternatively paired with different ethnic ensembles.

Many women prefer the looks of peep toe heels but a few think of them as highly priced and thus refrain from purchasing them. However, this is a myth as there are many viable and cheap peep toe heels available for purchase. These are neither low on quality and neither are they low on style. Nevertheless, many ladies have come up with an easy solution for this problem wherein they purchase one neutral colored pair such as black peep toe heels that can be paired with a majority of the ensembles in the wardrobe. Beige peep toe heels are also an option that many women prefer, as beige can be paired with a large number of ethnic wear garments.

Pairing and Styling Peep Toe Heels

Peep toes are generally favored by many Indian women, although there are certain sub-varieties that are underrated and not generally preferred. White peep toe heels are one such sub-type. Due to the lightness of the color, women do not generally prefer it although it can really amp up the appearance of chikankari salwar kameez. Since the embroidery is generally done on lighter colored fabrics in white thread or even white colored fabric with bright colored threads, this pair of heels can really elevate the overall appearance.

Metallic colored peep toe heels can be complemented with accessories to match. For instance, a gold clutch purse and gold jhumkis can be paired with peep toes of a similar shade.

For ensembles that are heavy and embellished with stonework, a pair of neutral colored peep toe heels can be teamed up with Kundan jewelry or even Polki jewelry. Stonework garments such as Kundan bridal lehengas, can also be set off with stone studded peep toe heels.