Stylish Peep Toe Sandals

Stylish Peep Toe Sandals

In the world of fashionable footwear, there are many different types of designs. Footwear has always been an important part of human culture but nowadays it is also considered to be a crucial part of fashion and style. Any fashionable look will be incomplete sans the right kind of shoes. A stylish pair of shoes can elevate even the simplest of looks and make it chic and sophisticated. One of the most popular and trendy types of footwear are the peep toe sandals. These are thus named because when you wear them, the toes of the wearer ‘peep’ out of the sandals. Essentially, they are sandals that are cut with a partially open front design that allows only the front portion of the toes to be visible, as opposed to open toed sandals in which the whole front part is visible.

Women’s peep toe sandals are considered to be an very trendy type of footwear today. They are often spotted on high fashion runways and red carpets because of their modish look. For many women, these are perfect fashionable footwear for warmer climates. They allow the foot to breathe by leaving a little bit of the front portion open to the air. At the same time, the tapering front design ensures that the shoe has a formal look. It is also quite a versatile type of shoe and can be worn with both formal and semi-formal ensembles depending on the shoe design.

When it comes to comfortable daily wear peep toe sandals, flat shoes are the most popular. Flat peep toe sandals are essentially shoes with the unique peep-toe cut but without any amount of heel. This makes them extremely comfortable and a practical choice for days when a lot of walking around is required. At the same time, peep toe design gives the shoe a very smart look. Flat peep toe sandals are hence a very practical and useful wardrobe addition. They can be used to add a smart touch to the most casual outfits; at the same time, they are versatile enough to also be paired up with formal or party wear ensembles without a problem.

Peep toe sandal heels are also a great investment as they can be worn with almost any type of formal or evening wear outfits. The heels on these may vary from small kitten heels to towering stilettos. The peep toe design can also be combined with the designs of other shoes such as platforms, wedges and block heels to create an even more stylish look for the shoe. The most popular type of high heel peep toe sandals are the ones with a platform or wedge heel, which creates a very stylish look whilst also being easy to wear and walk around in. For peep toe sandals, high heel designs are not essential but they do add a very stylish, glamorous and sophisticated aspect to the footwear. They are mostly worn for formal occasions or parties but the smaller sized heels can be worn for office or daily wear as well.

There are many different types of vamp designs that can be used with peep toe sandals. The most common is the low-cut shoe design that closely resembles a shoe with a thin front strip that leaves the toes visible. Peep toe sandals with criss-crossing straps or multiple straps are also available, as well as those with petite ankle straps or large, chunky buckles clasps. Peep toe sandals with bows, stars and other decorations have also become quite popular today.

Ethnic inspired peep toe sandals have become a rage in India and abroad. They come with pretty Indian motifs all over the front of the shoe, which is done using beads, crystals, sequins and other such ornate looking materials. Embroidered leather shoes with a modern peep toe design are also becoming quite popular, especially for daily wear. These ethnic inspired shoes need not always be worn with Indian outfits; they can also be paired with fusion and western dresses.

The most popular base material for this type of sandal is gleaming patent leather but plastic, silk, satin and unpolished leather are also in use.

Styling and Trends

Peep toe sandals never really go out of style and it is a good idea to get a few of them in neutral colors for matching with different types of outfits. These are regarded as wardrobe essentials and can be paired with all types of Indo western outfits. For instance, Black peep toe sandals can be matched with a formal evening gown, semi-formal tunic, colorful printed kurti and red saree. On the other hand, nothing spells a stylish diva like a pair of brightly colored peep toes paired with a monochrome saree, salwar kameez or dress. Thus, peep toe sandals are absolute wardrobe essentials no matter what kinds of clothes the woman likes to wear.