Platform Prom Shoes

Both feminine and daring, platform prom shoes can make an exciting compliment to a sophisticated, elegant prom dress. Platform prom shoes come in a variety of fun shapes, colors, and styles, so the perfect pair is out there for any individual. Just as limitless as the pair of shoes are the options of stores from which to purchase platform footwear for proms.

To begin the quest of selecting the perfect pair of platform prom shoes, girls should turn to the internet and type platform prom shoes into the Google search engine. A variety of websites will appear and this is where the madness begins. Because the internet should only be used to browse style selections at first, all of the websites are fair game. Notes should be taken, however, on brands, prices, and colors. This kind of information will be useful later when the platform prom shoes are actually tested at a store.

One of the most helpful websites to use while conducting this search on the internet is offers a wide selection of women’s shoes, including platform footwear for proms. Prices vary at great length, so those who are looking for a bargain should not be discouraged. Regardless, the shoes on are just as varied in styles and colors as they are prices. Other websites follow a very similar format, showing an arrangement of shoes that are quite different form each other at a variety of prices, which is a good representation for platform footwear for proms.

Some of the most common styles seen are pump style footwear with open toes, however, closed toes are available as well. Other shoes have a wedge instead of a heel, and some are strapped like sandals, but have a daring heel. Material varies too from patent leather to soft satin. Ornaments on shoes offer more options as well. Platform footwear for proms may in one breath appear elegant with a bow or ribbon as an ornament while in another breath appear edgy with bulky buckles.

Ultimately, the shoes should match the dress. The shoes can either follow the flow of the dress or be an element of contrast, and both options are valid. If girls browse the internet before shopping in person at stores, they already have an idea of the kind of shoe they are looking for.

Though dynamic because of the extra height it offers, platform shoes for proms may not be every girl’s best option. Before choosing a platform shoes, especially with around a 4″ heel, the shoes should be tested in a store. Girls should take a short walk around the store in the pair of shoes before purchasing them to ensure they won’t fall, especially at their prom. For this reason beyond any other, platform footwear for proms should not be purchased online unless the same brand has been tested at a brick and mortar store for fitting. Afterward, however, the shoes can definitely be purchased online in order to buy them at a discount price.