Fabulous Platform Stilettos

Fabulous Platform Stilettos

Notwithstanding the fact that shopping for clothes might get a bit exhausting after a certain point, the fact remains that with all the searching for the latest trends, perfect sizes and flattering cuts, shopping for shoes never gets boring. This is precisely why the fashion footwear industry is flourishing globally today. Many different types of stylish and gorgeous shoes are available in the market and designers are constantly popularizing new and innovative designs and styles. One of the trendiest shoe types today are the platform stilettos. These are considered modern classics, as they were invented quite recently but have, in span of a few years, become extremely popular.

Platform stiletto heels are essentially platform shoe or sandals that come with a heel in the form of a stiletto. Thus the ever popular platform style of shoe gets combined with the stiletto heel to create something truly stylish and glamorous. Like platforms, this footwear has a thick sole, but an extremely tall and thin stiletto heel is added at the heel. Visually, this creates a beautiful contrast for the platform stilettos shoes, while structurally it fuels the shoe’s comfort. The thick platform heel below the balls of the feet provides additional support to the shoe while the steep arch upwards ending in a thin, long heel creates the stylish look that is so valued by women. Walking in platform stiletto shoes is relatively easier as the platform sole allows at least the front portion of the foot to be balanced on a greater amount of area. Besides the relative ease of this type of footwear, most women prefer it because of its association with high class elegance, glamour and style. It is considered an extremely modern, stylish type of shoe and is often worn with formal and party looks, though you can wear it on a casual basis as well. Platform stilettos are quite versatile and can be worn with Indian and western ensembles. This is why many Indian designers have come up with beautiful ethnic inspired versions of platform stilettos to complement glamorous Indian clothing.

When it comes to a glamorous type of footwear like the platform stiletto, high heels are preferred over all the other types. High heels are essentially those heels that are 3 inches or higher, adding a considerable amount of height. This in itself is a great bonus as it adds to confidence and beauty of the wearer. However, high heels also make the figure look much more taut, straight and attractive, as it elongates the legs and showcases the curves of a woman. With elegant Indian clothing such as sarees and lehenga cholis, high heels, which are relatively easy to walk around in, are essential. Only high heels can create that elegant base figure for a saree and give it the perfect fall and graceful drape. Platform stilettos have become particularly popular because they offer additional structural support and are easier to manage a tricky garment like the saree in, as compared to a regular pair of high heels.

There are many different kinds of platform stilettos in the market. The most popular would be the classic black platform stilettos made with gleaming patent leather. These have a very elegant look and are extremely versatile. They can be matched with all kinds of Indian as well as western outfits without looking out of place. Women will also find more innovative, fancy varieties of black platform stiletto heels that come with unusual designs such as criss cross straps, buckle ankle straps and various colorful and/or glittering embellishments made with sequins, crystals, rhinestones or embroidered threads. The latter can also be wrought into Indian style motifs which create a very unique look for the shoe. Though black is the most popular base material owing to the beautiful contrast it creates with the work done, other colors like gold, silver, white, beige, blue, yellow or green can also be used.

Platform stilettos can also come with different designs for the shoe itself. From open toed or peep toed sandals to v-shape closed toe shoes and Mary-Jane designs, all types of cuts and patterns can be used with platform stilettos.

Styling with Platform Stilettos

It is quite hard to go wrong when styling with platform stilettos. They look fabulous no matter what the type of outfit they are paired up with and the only aspect that necessitates a careful consideration is the colors used. It is best to invest in some neutral toned footwear such as beige, white or black platform stilettos that will match a variety of outfits. When it comes to Indian fashion, they sync best with glamorous party wear sarees and wedding lehenga cholis. You can also pair them up with regal looking formal anarkalis and office wear salwar kameez.