Funky Seed Bead Earrings

Funky Seed Bead Earrings

Beads have been used as a form of ornamentation since ancient times. In fact, archeologists have found evidence that proves most ancient civilizations across the world utilized beads to make jewelry of all types. In those days, they were made with natural materials like bones, wood and clay. Nowadays, however, the host of materials and techniques employed to make beads are much wider. There is much more variety in beads jewelry. One of the most popular and attractive options are the seed bead earrings.

Seed beads are miniscule beads that range from less than a millimeter to 6 millimeters in diameter. Their tiny size makes them a very versatile. You can use them to make all types of jewelry, including western, ethnic and indo-western pieces. Seed bead earrings are perhaps the single most popular type of accessory made with this ornament. They are much loved across the world for their colorful, vibrant and bohemian vibe. Chunky and youthful, they are often paired up with funky ensembles with a fusion vibe.

There are many different seed bead earring patterns to choose from, depending on the type of bead, the variety of earring and the kinds of motifs and designs created. For instance, in certain varieties, beads of a uniform size and color are utilized. They are neatly arranged around a gemstone or metallic ornament, or studded around a base material. The color can be a bright, striking shade of blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink and purple, or they can come in muted shades like white or grey. Gorgeous multi-colored beads in shimmering shades of cyan, magenta, silvery-grey and sunset orange are also becoming extremely popular. Stark black or brown beads can add a very interesting visual element to the accessory.

In many beaded earring patterns, seed beads are used along with larger beads of different sizes, which may also be of varying colors. This combination of different beads creates a very aesthetically dramatic look, with a lot of depth in terms of colors and designs. This technique can also be used to create pretty designs and patterns. For instance, against a uniform blue background of beads, seed beads in a contrasting shade of red will really stand out. They can be studded to form various motifs and designs. Since the art of crafting jewelry with beads is widely practiced across India, you can find a number of gorgeous seed bead earring designs with an ethnic flavor.

The type can also vary. Seed bead hoop earrings, as the name suggests, come in the shape of a circle studded with beads. The size can vary from tiny hoops that hug the ears to large hoops that reach almost till the shoulder. Seed bead dangle earrings hang straight down and typically have a dangling ornament attached which may or may not be studded with beads. Seed bead fringe earrings have multiple rows of dangling beads arrayed to look like a fringe. These often utilize materials like wood and leather and have a very ‘old western’ or Native American aesthetic.

There are also many simple seed bead earrings that resemble small studs. They can be of different shapes or sizes. Even the smallest ones can sport subtle and intricate designs as the tiny size of seed beads makes them a very versatile ornament to decorate any accessory. These can also come with the ‘slip-on’ design, which allows people to just slip them on their ears sans any need to use piercings.

Attraction of Seed Bead Earrings

These typically bohemian accessories are very popular across the world today. Although they are frequently paired with indo-western ensembles, there are many traditional Indian varieties that sync well with classic Indian garments like sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga cholis as well. Typically, the dangling and hoop varieties with metallic settings are preferred for formal occasions like parties and events whereas the simple, stud varieties are worn for daily wear. They can be used to add a dash of color and ethnic flavor to almost any ensemble.

For instance, one can wear a pair of bright blue seed bead dangle earrings with a blue anarkali salwar kameez to create an elegant ensemble with a quirky edge. Multi-colored studs can pair well with printed kurtas in similarly vibrant colors. Elaborate hoops earrings that are thickly studded with seed beads are a great accessory for a semi-formal party look. Women can simply pair the color on the outfit with the color on the accessory. With the tribal print kurtas and sarees, women can opt for seed bead earrings with a wooden or clay base, while the metallic base varieties would be well-suited for sophisticated party wear outfits.