Vibrant and Ethnic Seed Beads Jewelry

Vibrant and Ethnic Seed Beads Jewelry

Seed beads are extremely tiny and round shaped spheres made of solid materials that are used to make all kinds of jewelry. Seed beads jewelry is an extremely popular type of jewelry which is produced in both Indian and western countries. The use of tiny beads in ornamentation and jewelry making was known to craftsmen in India for many centuries and today this technique has traveled to the west as well. Both traditional and trendy varieties of seed beads jewelry are popular in the international market. It is known for its vibrant, colorful and intricate look which is created by putting together a large number of the tiny beads into one design. Seed beads jewellery is so named because of the tiny size of the multiple beads used in it; in a way, these beads are nothing special on their own but when combined with the other beads they grow into something simply gorgeous. This type of jewelry is well loved because of its combination of style, affordability and beauty. It is also extremely versatile as it can be used to create different types of pieces and designs, suitable for all types of occasions and appealing to a wide variety of fashion preferences, from classy and elegant to relaxed and bohemian.

Seed beads are most popularly used to create necklaces, though bracelets and anklets are also quite popular. The seed beads necklaces often make use of the beads in the chain as well as the pendant which creates a very chunky look for the accessory; alternatively, a seed bead necklace might simply have a funky pendant with intricate designs made with different types of seed beads. The most popular type of seed beads bracelet is the one that comes with leather as a base material as the rough, brown leather base provides a wonderful contrast to the colorful and often kaleidoscopic beads. Earrings, bangles, rings and nose-rings can also come studded with beautiful seed beads designs.

Jewelry patterns using seed beads can be differentiated on the basis of a number of factors. Many patterns are embroidered or stitched on to a cloth and fashioned into jewelry pieces, which creates a very intricate and ethnic look. These can be of different colors and sizes to create an interesting visual contrast. The aesthetic appearance can also be manipulated by adding other embellishments such as crystals, sequins or stones, or by using a thicker and more distinctive base material such as leather. Seed beads make for great background ornamentation and are often used to pull together designs made with other materials such as gold, gems or crystals. Jewelry designs with seeds can also be created by stringing together different seeds in one necklace. These types of designs can often be used to make the ‘chain’ portion of the necklace while the pendant is made by setting the seed beads in a metallic or plastic setting. Seed beads jewelry designs often set the beads against a metallic setting of silver, gold, bronze, brass or copper which creates a very beautiful effect.

The kinds of seed beads jewelry patterns created will depend on the artistic vision of the designer. Indian craftsmen tend to go for ethnic motifs such as birds, flowers, vines, trees and animals as well as stylized designs and geometric shapes. Simpler designs can also be used but typically, a more elaborate look is preferred with seed beads jewelry designs. Indian style seed beads jewelry is all about the exquisite beauty of expert craftsmanship and the artistic vision of the designer often shines through in the final look of the piece.

The types of bead used also have a very important role to play in the final look of a seed beads necklace, bracelet or any other accessory. They can be either transparent, i.e., completely see through or they can be translucent. Translucent beads are those through which light passes even though they are tinted in some shade such as yellow, purple, green and blue. Opaque beads in bright colors are also a great way to add a vibrant, ethnic touch to any piece of jewelry. Seed beads made of metals or painted in metallic tones such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass can also be used to create beautiful seed beads necklaces and bracelets.

Styling Seed Beads Jewelry Trends

Seed beads jewelry is extremely trendy at the moment, preferred because of its wonderful fusion vibe and bright and summery look. It is a great way to accessorize any casual or formal look. Seed beads necklaces, earrings and bracelets are also quite versatile and can be matched with a wide array of clothing, from printed salwar kameez to stylish tunics. A colorful seed beads necklace with kaleidoscopic designs can be a wonderful way to jazz up a simple, monotone outfit such as a black tunic dress, white salwar kameez or pink chiffon saree.