Glittering Beauty of Semi Precious Pendants

Glittering Beauty of Semi Precious Pendants

Semi precious pendants are neckpieces made with different types of semi precious stones and gems. They are one of the most popular and commonly worn types of accessories in the world. One can find semi precious stones pendants in western as well as Indian fashion as this is not really a culture specific style. Semi precious gems and stones have been used to create glittering ornaments for humans since time immemorial; they are one of the most basic types of raw materials used to make different types of jewelry from across the world. Today, designers are increasingly appreciating the beauty and utility of these gems and there are many modern as well as traditional varieties of the semi precious pendant in the market.

Semi-precious stones are much loved because while they have a gorgeous, sparkling look, especially when properly polished and refined, they are not as expensive as precious gems. In terms of beauty they are no less than the precious diamonds and pearls, but are priced much lower because they are more commonly available in nature. They are very versatile and adaptable and can be used to make all types of jewelry, for formal occasions as well as casual ones, from ethnic pieces to western ones. A pendant, which is essentially a small to medium sized ornament hung from a chain around the neck, is one of the most popular types of jewelry pieces on which these gems are studded. This is because the small and delicate nature of a pendant makes it the perfect base for adding glittering stones’ designs. Semi precious gemstone pendants can add just the right touch of glamour to a look; the ornate and glittering look of the stones makes a small pendant much more eye catching while at the same time keeping it elegant and understated. Typically, pendant necklaces are not worn as statement pieces because of their small size but when studded with glittering stones, they can often be extremely effective stand alone accessories.

There are many different types of semi precious pendants in the market. Women can choose from varying colors, designs, patterns and sizes, as well as different base settings and motifs. Different types of gems can be used and some of the most popular include amethyst, garnet, topaz, coral, amber, opal, crystal, peridot, turquoise and zircon. These can be used to create starling single hue pendants, such as a red garnet circle or a blue turquoise star, or they can be used to create beautiful dual or multi-toned designs using different types of stones. The look is also determined by the settings used. Warmer colored stones such as garnet, topaz and coral look beautiful against gold and copper colored metals while cooler stones like amethysts look great with silver and silver plated metals. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule as one can find semi precious pendants mixing both warm and cool shades. Other settings such as wood, plastic and even clay can also be used to off-set the glittering stone designs. The pendant itself may be in the shape of a heart, a drop, circles, stars and so on. Many semi precious stones’ pendants make use of elaborate and intricate filigree metallic settings, wrought into pretty motifs of animals, birds, flowers, trees, leaves, figurines etc. Here, the stones are used to emphasize certain points of the design, such as the eye of bird or the center of a geometric pattern.

Women can even opt for semi precious pendants made using Indian motifs and styles of jewelry making, such as Kundan or Meenakari. These are typically made with precious gems and metals but can come in a more affordable form for women to wear at less formal occasions. These kinds of Indian style pendants tend to have a much more rich and ornate look and might make use of thick, carved chains to hang the pendant. This is distinct from the casual wear and western varieties of semi precious pendants, which always make use of thin links or beaded chains of the same metal.

Styling with Semi Precious Gemstone Pendants

Semi precious gemstone pendants are an eternally fashionable type of accessory, appreciated the world over because of their delicate and gorgeous beauty. They can be used to subtly and elegantly accessorize a variety of different looks, from casual to formal, western to Indian. It all depends on the type and colors of the pendant. For instance, a simple silver semi precious pendant with a stylized animal or flower motif is the perfect addition to a semi-formal office wear outfit such as a cotton saree, floral print salwar kameez or shirt and pants. A more colorful and off beat pendant can be used to accessorize a funky casual or party wear tunic. The ornate, Indian semi precious pendants are great accessories for festive sarees, embellished lehenga cholis and anarkali suits.