Art Silk Clutch Purses: Inspirations For Iconic Looks

Art Silk Clutch Purses: Inspirations For Iconic Looks

Clutch purses are a popular and stylish evening wear accessory. This essentially western handbag has today made its way to countries around the world and is considered a universally stylish way to accessorize a formal or party look. As the name suggests, clutch purses are essentially small purses or hold-alls which can be held or clutched in the hand.

Their main appeal lies in the fact that they can be easily carried around without presenting a cumbersome addition to the outfit. They add a subtle and beautiful touch to any look and more often than not, they serve as an essential accessory in an evening wear look. Moreover clutch purses are also very convenient as they allow the woman to carry all essential items such as keys, cell phone, wallet, make-up products etc. without in any way taking away from her appearance or ruining the delicate balance of her outfit. At an occasion such as a dance party, dinner party, formal gathering or launch party, where movement and flexibility are very important, having small, light weight clutch purses can be a real boon.

Choose From Shimmer, Sparkle Or Simplicity

Hand Embroidered Art Silk Clutch Bag in Red Plain Art Silk Clutch Bag in Beige Woven Art Silk Jacquard Clutch Bag in Maroon

There are many different types of clutch purses in the market for women to choose from, which vary on the basis of the occasion for which they are intended, their color, the types of designs on them, the fabric of which they are made and the size and shape. Both Indian and western style clutch purses are available, to match with different types of outfits. Silk is the most popular material used to make clutch purses around the world, mainly because it has an extremely elegant and luxurious look that pairs well with most formal wear outfits. You can also replace silk with artificial silk or art silk.

Art silk clutch purse can come in the form of a long, hard-backed rectangular handbag, a soft Indian style potli or pouch with a hard bottom, or a circular handbag with strings attached. In fact, nowadays, the shape of the silk clutch bag can vary from a square, octagon or triangle to a star or some other abstract shape. Besides the shape, the closing mechanism too can vary from drawstring to zippers and metallic clasps.

Designer handpieces

Undoubtedly the most exclusive and coveted varieties in the market are the designer clutch purses which are specially designed by top designers; though small, they display the same exquisite and often innovative designs which are the trademark of a high fashion designer. These are often made of luxurious fabrics like velvet and satin.

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When art silk is used, it is typically displayed in the most opulent manner possible. For instance, wedding clutch purses are often made of art silk as it is the most preferred fabric for wedding clothes in India; at the same time, they have to be distinguished from normal party clutches and are hence often made of finest woven brocades or embroidered silk fabrics. Often designers create special bridal clutch purses to match with their bridal lehenga cholis and salwar kameez. These will be created from the same materials as the outfit and hence add the perfect and imminently useful finishing touch to the Indian bridal look.


The colors and designs on clutch purses also vary vastly. The most popular shades, especially in the Indian style wedding clutch purses, are various gold hues, from pale beige to bright, shiny golden. These are popular because many Indian wedding clothes come with intricate gold work designs and prints. Nowadays women will even find a white, grey or black art silk clutch bag to pair with more daring and modern evening wear outfits.

Just like golden is a good color to pair with Indian evening wear, black is a good color to pair with western evening wear, mainly because of its versatility. In terms of designs, both embellishments and embroidery forms are commonly seen on clutches, from intricate Indian resham and zari (gold thread) designs to flashy sequins, stones, and crystal patterns. Beaded clutch purses are known for their vibrant, multi-hued beauty. All of these different types of embellishments can either be worked into the whole clutch or employed to create pretty, multi-layered designs and motifs such as flowers, leaves and artistic shapes.

Style it right

Different types of clutch purses can be paired up with different types of outfits. While there is no question about the trendiness of these accessories, it is very important to style right in order to create the perfect look. Women can take a cue from the way many Hollywood starlets choose to pair up clutch purses and simply match a complementary or matching hue in the designer clutch purse with a designer gown.

Bollywood stars are not far behind in providing inspiration. They often pair up their lush, lavish embellished lehenga cholis and embroidered Anarkali suits with subtle but effective brocade clutch purses. The colors need not necessarily match the hue of the dress and can instead match the tone of the designs and patterns on the outfit.