Stylish Slip On Footwear

Stylish Slip On Footwear

Slip ons is a popular type of footwear that has become very popular around the world though it has been invented only recently. Slip ons shoes are essentially low, lace less shoes which, as the name implies, can be simply slipped on and slipped off, without any straps or clasps of any kind. They have to be differentiated from slippers, which are open toe; slip-ons footwear always comes with closed toes and closed back, though the upper part of the shoe need not necessarily cover the whole arch and may just about cover the toes. In American culture, slip ons are often called slippers or loafers. They are one of the most popular types of casual and semi-formal footwear styles across the world. Slip ons have even been adapted into the footwear designs of other cultures, especially Indian footwear made with hand-crafted leather and ethnic designs.

This type of footwear is not just restricted to one gender and one can find plenty of choices in men’s slip ons as well as women’s slip ons. The styles and designs differ, as well as the essential shape of the shoe. Slip ons for men tend to be very simple and plain in their appearance, utilizing the smart cut of the shoe and the beauty of the material to bring in the ‘glamour’ factor. Leather is the most popular raw material in men’s slip ons, preferred because of its rugged and masculine appearance. It is also an extremely popular and commonly used material in the Indian footwear industry and Indian leather workers really know how to make the best of this versatile and stylish type of raw material. Leather can come in two forms, real and faux and each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, though in terms of looks, they are quite similar. Leather is mostly used to make stylish, formal wear shoes with a broad, thick front and well-fitting back. The Indian style men’s slip ons made with this material can also come with beautiful ethnic decorations such as embellishments and embroidery. As they are meant for men’s wear, they are typically not loud but quite subtle and less colorful.

Casual slip ons for men can also be made of cheaper materials such as plastic or wood and their shape is tailored to be more breezy and airy. They can come in a wider range of colors than formal shoes, from white, black and grey to bright red, blue and green.

When it comes to women’s slip ons, there are many different colors and designs to choose from. From intricate and detailed embroidered designs to shining crystal embellishments, there are many different forms of ornamentation which can come on women’s slip ons. Leather is also the predominantly used material in the women’s category, though it is often covered with colorful embroidery, brightly dyed cloths, sparkling embellishments and beaded patterns, which may end up covering the distinctive look of the leather shoe. Tassles, fringes and carved designs are commonly seen features in both women’s and men’s slip ons.

Slip ons are one of the most convenient and comfortable types of shoes in the world. They can are very easy to wear and take off and therein lies their main appeal. Even the formal and colorful looking options offer comfort and flexibility to the wearer and are hence extremely popular. Whether it is the stylish women’s loafer in a bright neon hue, or a simple leather moccasin for men’s formal wear, one can find all types of shoes in this category of footwear.

Styles and Trends in Slip on Footwear

For a long time, slip-ons footwear was considered a very hippy style because of its casual comfort and open, breezy look. In recent years, however, it has become extremely trendy and an accepted style even in formal situations. From designer runway ramps to casual celebrity outfits, loafers and slip ons have become ubiquitous in the world of fashion. Both men and women can find plenty of inspiration on how to wear slip-ons from celebrities. The best part of this footwear is the versatility and flexibility it offers to the wearer. They can easily be worn on a daily basis, especially when they are made of durable materials like leather which match with all types of outfits.

It is best to pair up the ethnically designed slip on shoes with ethnic outfits. Thus, men can pair up embroidered leather men’s slip ons with kurta pyjamas, sherwanis and dhotis, while women can opt for embroidered kurtas, sawlar kameez, indo western tunics and even lehenga cholis to pair with intricate and formal looking women’s slip ons. The more ornately and intricately decorated the shoe is, the more appropriate it becomes to pair with wedding dresses and wedding jewelry.