Slipper Heels Footwear

  • Women like to have a versatile black dress in their closet that they can wear and accessorize for any occasion. A woman should also have a pair of shoes to go with that dress. Black slipper heels with a modest amount of embellishment could be the perfect accessory. Ladies slippers from India include several styles of slipper heels that could transform the appearance of one outfit into something that would be appropriate for numerous occasions.
  • There is a wide variety of designs of ladies slippers from India. Some of these slippers would be the perfect shoe for the workplace. They have a 1″ heel which would make them a professional looking shoe as well as a shoe that a lady could be comfortable in all day. Some styles have a subtle sparkle to them or a strap design that makes them both feminine and sophisticated. shoes heels for the office do not have to be black. Ladies shoes from India come in a variety of colors. If you have a colorful personality or enjoy having fun with shoes, there are slipper heels in colors such as mesmerizing turquoise, passionate red, brilliant pink, or bright blue that could colorfully enhance any wardrobe.
  • Ladies slippers from India are an ideal party shoes. Shimmering gold and silver heels are excellent for an elegant evening event. shoes in basic black or darker tones such as brown and maroon have just the right amount of adornment to transform them into elegant evening footwear. The diamond and stone detailing on some styles is absolutely exquisite. The intricate designs are exceptionally beautiful and unique.Slippers with a wedge heel and V-shape slippers are good style choices for casual wear. They would be comfortable enough to wear on an all day shopping adventure or to take along as the perfect vacation shoe. Styles with an animal print design would be a fun shoe to wear on a casual date. There are various colors and styles of V-shape slippers that a woman could fashionably wear to work.
  • Ladies shoes from India are priced in a range that allows a woman to add several pair to her shoe collection. Just by browsing through the available selections, a lady could find the perfect shoe for any special occasion. Shoes can make a woman feel confident at an interview, professional at the workplace, sensational at a party, and attractive on a date.