Beauty of Stone Beads Jewelry

Beauty of Stone Beads Jewelry

Jewelry has been an integral part of the dressing up process for women since time immemorial. Ever since humans could think and speak, they have been using natural substances around them to ornament themselves and to indicate their status. Today, this jewelry industry has turned into a multi-billion dollar field which produces all types of gorgeous designs and pretty pieces for women to complete their outfits. Nowadays, many women prefer to accessorize their everyday looks with more affordable jewelry made with cheaper substances and one of the most popular options in the jewelry world today is stones beads jewelry.

Stones beads jewelry is often thought of as funky or new-age, but in fact, it has its root in very ancient forms of jewelry making. Naturally occurring stones, semi-precious gems and polished beads have been used to make jewelry pieces in countries like India for millions of years. Till today, the traditional, vintage forms of stone beads jewelry are extremely popular for all types of occasions. Gemstones beads jewelry can include exquisite, finished jewelry set with semi-precious stones (often done in traditional styles) as well as simple but beautiful pieces that highlight the stones themselves. Natural stone beads jewelry making is also becoming a huge trend in western countries, where stone accessories are appreciated for their beautiful look and natural origin. Their price tag often belies their beauty, as natural stones are amongst the most distinctive and pretty substances that can be used to make jewelry, even though they are so cheap. Their lower price tag is not because of any lack of beauty; rather, it is because semi-precious stones such as topaz, garnet, turquoise, coral and amethysts are available in more abundance in nature and therefore can be obtained at a cheaper cost.

The style of natural stone beads jewelry making differs from one region to the other, even in India. For instance, amongst tribes situated in forest areas, the norm is to create simple strings of colorful beads or combine stone beads with wood or clay beads to create a distinctive, earthy look for the accessory. This type of tribal jewelry is known for its simple yet distinctive look and is often preferred with funky, indo western outfits. On the other hand, women can also opt for gemstones beads jewelry made with ancient techniques of jewelry making such as Kundan or Thewa, in which the gemstones are used to decorate elaborately wrought gold settings. Here, the intricacy of the designs and the fine gold look is what is considered the ’highlight’, but the gemstones add a certain sparkle and are often key components required to complete the designs. Indian jewelry also has gorgeous pieces which utilize the jewels in a subtle but effective manner; for instance, a gold pendant wrought in the shape of a peacock can have a single red stone as the ‘eye’ of the bird and a few blue stones to represent the tail. This type of stone beads jewelry has a more finished, refined look and is typically reserved for special occasions.

All types of motifs and designs can be created using stone beads, from Indian flowers, fruits, birds and trees to western style animal or object motifs. Different metallic settings can also be used, depending on the style and type of jewelry; from fine gold to sparkling silver, affordable alloys to ethnic copper, the options are many. The colors, too, can vary from light and bright shades of blue, green, yellow or red seen in translucent stones like turquoise, peridot, topaz and garnet to deep, intense colors as seen in multi-hued beads like opals.

The type of jewelry itself can be almost anything. From single chain pendants with exquisite, intricate detailing to bold and attractive multi-layered necklaces, from simple stud earrings to dazzling hoops and dangles, from beaded bracelets to studded bangles, the variety of options is simply marvelous. Women can opt for stone beads jewelry sets, complete with a pendant, earrings and bangles or they can purchase a traditional jewelry piece such as a mang tikka, kamarbandh or anklet. Western style bracelets, pendants and chandelier earrings can also be decorated with affordable yet beautiful natural stone beads.

Varying Styles of Stone Beads Jewelry

Stone beads jewelry is considered a very trendy and modish style of accessorizing today, with women of all ages choosing to incorporate these beautiful and low-cost pieces in their formal and casual wardrobes. Stone beads jewelry is available in a lot of different varieties and is extremely versatile, which is why it can be used to match up with all types of outfits. For instance, a statement stone bead pendant is a great way to off-set the severity of a formal wear saree or a crepe salwar kameez. On the other hand, colorful sets of stone beads jewelry are a great match for party wear lehenga cholis and anarkali suits.