Studded Detailed Footwear

Every woman deserves a little sparkle in their life. Studded detail footwear is a simple way to add a little or a lot of glitz and glamour to your wardrobe. Women stone studded footwear is a stylish choice for daytime or evening wear. The style of studded detail footwear is the determining factor in making the proper selection for a specific occasion.

Women stone studded footwear in the form of heel slippers, sandals, or slip ons can be an attractive part of a woman’s day time social attire, or office and professional wardrobe. Swarovski crystal footwear from India has heel slippers that would enhance any daytime attire. The shoes are light weight and the 1 1/2″ heel makes them comfortable enough to wear all day. The swarovski detailing is lovely, yet simple enough to make the shoe professionally appropriate. Swarovski crystal footwear from India also has flats that could be worn both to work and to any casual event. The flats with decorative studding across the top of the shoe would add just enough sparkle to a daytime outfit to make a woman noticeable. The flat with Swarovski detailing on a toe ring would be a fun shoe for any causal event.

Women stone studded footwear is the ideal choice for holiday events. Swarovski crystal footwear from India comes in festive colors. Studded detail footwear in sandal heels are impressive. The sandals can be purchased in brilliant red, blue or purple. The embellishment delicately ventures from across the top of the shoe to the side of the shoe. A lady could make a stylish entrance to any party when wearing these shoes. As an alternative to the brightly colored heels, Swarovski crystal footwear from India has a V-shape sandals in shimmering gold and silver. The sparkling stones on the 3″ heel make it a dazzling choice of studded detail footwear for a holiday party.

Studded detail footwear is an elegant choice for an evening with friends or for a date with someone special. Women stone studded footwear isn’t always especially flashy. For a more casual event, a lady might prefer platform heels with a minimal amount of detailed stone work. Flats with some embellishment are a comfortable, yet very attractive way to accessorize casual evening attire.

Every woman should have a favorite pair of footwear that she can wear for any occasion. When traveling, she should be certain to pack this pair of shoes. Swarovski crystal footwear from India has various selections of sandal heels that could easily be a woman’s favorite shoe. The shoes exemplify simple elegance which is a statement of style almost any lady would like to make.

Women stone studded footwear covers an extensive range of styles. A woman’s personal shoes collection should include an assortment of heel sandals and pumps for professional wear, flats and slippers for casual wear, and wedge heels, flats, and slippers for relaxation and fun. A thought to remember is that a simple amount of studded detail on a shoe gives it distinctive character.