Wonderful Women Evening Shoes

Wonderful Women Evening Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. They are crucial to any look, ethnic or western and many a times, they can make or break an outfit. Not only in terms of style and beauty, but also in terms of comfort and flexibility, shoes have to be carefully selected, especially at an occasion where a woman is expected to look her absolute best. This is why evening shoes are the most glamorous and attractive footwear, intended to dress up formal outfits at special occasions. Women’s evening shoes can be of many different types, depending on the type of outfit and occasion they have to be matched with.

Just like there is a plethora of options to choose from in clothes and jewelry for special occasions, there are many exciting varieties to explore in ladies’ evening shoes. They can vary in terms of shape, size, structure, color, designs, embellishments and heel size. The most popular and commonly worn evening shoes for women are those with heels, and even these come in many different forms. Low heel evening shoes, also called kitten heels, have a smaller size heel which adds a certain height but is more similar to a sandal in structure. The most glamorous shoes that greatly enhance the posture of the look and match beautifully with floor-sweeping garments like sarees and gown are the stilettos or pencil heels. Between these two extremes there are varying lengths available (3 inch, 4 inch or 5 inch heels) which can be chosen as per individual tastes. Obviously the most comfortable evening shoes are flats that come without heels. Flat evening shoes tend to be quite ornate and colorful to make up for the lack of heel.

In Indian fashion the focus is often on the design, pattern and color and the same goes for shoes as well. Indian evening shoes tend to be embellished with embroidery and/or ornamentation wrought into elaborate Indian motifs. Designer evening shoes are the most exclusive and often come encrusted with exquisite patterns of cutdana, beads, stones, sequins, Kundan and Resham work.

For formal events, the most favored colors are muted and sober shades. Therefore tan, white, beige, brown and black evening shoes are the most commonly seen in evening shoe collections. At the same time, evening shoes can also be purchased in a wide range of colors for more celebratory events to exactly match with the dress chosen. From pink evening shoes to navy evening shoes, there are plenty of color options, in soft pastel shades as well as bright neon hues.

Styling Women’s Evening Shoes

Shoes are a huge part of accessorizing and styling; they can enhance the drape of the fabric, the cut of the dress and over-all silhouette of the look. In Indian fashion, evening shoes are getting a lot more attention than they did previously as people are beginning to realize that the fall of outfits like sarees, lehenga cholis and salwar kameez has to be enhanced with the right footwear options to truly complete the look. As a result, a lot of traditional Indian handicrafts and styles are being incorporated into western style shoes with a more modern vibe. One can often find stilettos encrusted with Kundan work or kitten heel sandals with beads work ethnic motifs of peacocks and mangoes.

In keeping with the colorful and ornate vibe of ethnic clothing, a lot of Indian shoes tend to be studded with stones and gems in bright colors. One can find shoes in the exact matching shade as well as in contrasting colors to create a more interesting look. In fact this kind of mixing and matching can allow the same saree or lehenga to be re-used with different accessories. A plain red chiffon saree with sparkling gold sequins borders can be worn with a pair of red evening shoes and a red blouse in the exact same shade, or with a gold blouse and gold evening shoes.

A blue saree with extensive gold zari work can also easily be paired with gold evening shoes, especially if the jewelry chosen is also made of gold. A multi-colored saree covered in blue print designs will pair well with blue evening shoes covered in satin or silk, with some amount of multi-colored patterns. Another interesting trend that allows the use of bright colors is color blocking, where sarees are paired up with blouses and shoes in contrasting colors. This creates a very dramatic and eye-catching effect. For instance, a white and silver saree with purple velvet blouse will look elegant, royal and stylish; the addition of a pair of velvet covered purple evening shoes will add the perfect finishing touch.

A more understated yet elegant option in ethnic footwear is silver evening shoes. They cannot be matched up with gold work fabrics but will work well with Indian garments with silver zari work, pearls work, diamonds work and in plain fabrics in softer shades.