Wooden Beads Necklaces

  • Jewelry has long been a part of our history. Not is jewelry one of the oldest forms of body adornment, but jewelry also is the icing to an outfit. It catches the eye and allows for its wearer to be noticed in the most positive of ways. necklace have always been an important asset to any jewelry collection. With its use as old as the Stone Age at 40,000 years old, necklaces were originally made with more natural materials like stone, bone, shells, and wood. These small pieces of art were used for a variety of things, including: currency, a display of wealth, protection, and symbolism (to show membership or status). Thus wooden beads necklaces have been an art form worn for many centuries and hold a lot of meaning.
  • wooden beads necklaces are necklaces made of beads that are made of different types of wood. The wooden beads can be smooth or carved, small or big, and come in many shapes and sizes. The smaller beads, or seed beads, that are found on wooden bead necklaces are most often uniformly shaped and spherical or tube shaped. These beads can range in size from under a millimeter to several millimeters. Bugle beads on wooden beads necklaces refer to bigger beads and are usually round in shape. wooden beads necklaces can come in many colors based on the wood, however the beads may also be painted in to vibrant colors as well to go with any aspiring outfit.
  • These necklaces can be held together by a variety of materials as well. The wooden beads can rest on natural materials, like leather, or more synthetic materials like chains or strings. However, when looking at a wooden beads necklace, the most important aspect of the personal ornamentation is the beads. Therefore, when looking at different kinds of wooden beads necklaces, the beads should be the primary focus of the necklace.
  • Another characteristic of wooden beads necklaces is the length of the necklace. Traditionally, the length lands at around 75cm, or at the breastbone. This is called an opera length. Usually necklaces at this length are worn at more conventional events. On the other hand, there is the choker length, which hugs the neck, giving a very elegant look. Or a current, more trendy look is the sautior or rope length, which is anything longer than the opera length.
  • The reason wooden beads necklaces are perfect for a gift for friends or a treat for yourself, is their natural look. The beads on wooden beads necklaces often compliment any style and add that extra special touch that will distinguish anyone from the crowd. wooden beads necklaces were worn by high members of society, and with a wooden beads necklace, you can feel like royalty too!