Bateau Neckline

The asymmetrical style isn’t new to the people. It has been withstanding the heat since the novelty fashion era. These days, the fashion style is quite becoming popular and is quietly seen on saree blouses. Asymmetrical blouses add a dash of excitement to your wardrobe. The irregularity of the lines and shapes create distinctiveness for avoiding being on the safe side of fashion.

Among the asymmetrical designs, the favorite designs of women does feature a sleeveless or totally bare side with the other side completely sleeved. However, if you would like only one side of your arms revealed, there are several alternatives to this popular style. Being a substitute for having asymmetry on the upper area, you can even apply it on hemlines. You will find a lot of asymmetrical blouses where its hemlines plunge diagonally on side to side basis. The asymmetrical style is quite artsy and creative. Thus, you need to do justice with it and apply creativity when wearing it too.

By wearing the asymmetrical blouses, you can become one among the fashionable ladies who are currently rocking this vibrant trend. Asymmetry can be presented as an off-shoulder, one-shoulder, skewed hemline, crooked cut or just any clothing stitched up with some sort of inclining or in simple terms sloping angle. A little inequity doesn’t result to fashion horror. Instead, it is art. You can express more of yourself with asymmetry of clothing. You can also be fashion forward and have exude a beautiful appearance while doing so.

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