The Versatile Convertible Collar

The Versatile Convertible Collar

A convertible collar is a type of flexible and versatile garment collar. You can wear it up or down, which precisely makes it ‘convertible’. This collar is less formal and structured than the banded collar, which is most commonly seen on shirts. However, since it does utilize a collar design, it is still counted as a formal design. With convertible collars, people can get the chance to choose whichever style they want. This is also a good choice for a day to night ensemble.

The versatility of the convertible collar is achieved by attaching the collar fabric in such a way that you can fold it back into the neckline if required. It can be worn closed (buttoned up to the top) for formal occasions. For semi-formal or casual events, you can fold it back into lapels that adorn the neckline. The length and fitting will vary depending on the kind of aesthetic the designer wants to achieve. You can incorporate the convertible design into many different types of collars, from the broad roll collar to the deep-cut stand collar and the feminine flat collar.

For men, the convertible collar shirt is an excellent semi-formal choice. You can wear it to both work and parties. You can also dress it up and down depending on the requisite ensemble. Women usually wear this type of neckline in the form of convertible collar blouse. The versatility of this type of collar makes it the perfect choice for a variety of occasions. It is also much more comfortable than the conventional high-collar. Though it can be worn with a fully formal ensemble, it is much more breathable and airy, which invariably infuses the ideal balance between style and comfort.

Convertible clothing patterns are not exclusive to western fashion. They are also a big part of Indian fashion today. Globalization and increasing cross cultural influences have played a huge role in the current popularity of indo western fashions. Various western silhouettes, cuts and designs are being incorporated into Indian garments of all types. The convertible collar has thus made its way to Indian ramps, runways and wardrobes. One can see it being employed in a plethora of outfits with front openings like ethnic tops and tunics, kurtas, kurtis and salwar kameez. They add a smart, western vibe to the garment. This creates an interesting visual contrast with the bright ethnic prints and embroidered patterns, which are often used to decorate Indian clothes. You can use all types of fabrics, designs and prints to create such outfits. However, the use of heavy embellishments is generally avoided because it looks very odd when paired with the modern convertible collar pattern. Instead, designers use subtle and elegant ethnic prints like paisley, lotus, flowering vines, leaves and trees. Linen, silk and georgette are the most popular fabrics utilized with this type of collar in ethnic fashion.

Appeal of the Convertible Collar

The collared tunic look has been much glorified and brandished in India, courtesy Bollywood. Very often, the choice of this type of indo-western fusion fashion is indicative of the protagonist’s dual commitment to Indian culture and a modern lifestyle. This is precisely why many people love the convertible collar pattern in Indian clothes. It has become a huge ethnic fashion hit, not only because of the funky fusion factor, but also because of how comfortable and versatile it is.

It can be accessorized in a number of different ways, depending on the outfit itself. Many women like to open up the convertible collar in order to show off their collar bones. To that end, they prefer to accessorize with earrings or simple bracelets rather than necklaces or pendants. On the other hand, a simple pearl chain or silver pendant can actually be a great way to draw attention to the distinctive neckline. Of course, when the collar is worn closed, it is best to go with ear and wrist accessories.

This type of collar, for obvious reasons, is frequently used in day to night ensembles. A simple printed convertible collar blouse with subtle floral designs can be paired with a sober skirt for an appropriate office ensemble. At night, by simply opening up the collar, women can create a feminine look, which would be great for parties as well. During the day, they can opt for a pair of simple pearl studs, which can be exchanged for sparkling gemstone earrings in the evening.