Interesting Drop Shoulder Looks

Interesting Drop Shoulder Looks

A drop shoulder, also known as a one shoulder seam, is a kind of a modern seam that is created on garments in order to let one shoulder rest a few inches below the actual shoulder. This is done to create the illusion of a sleeve. This type of shoulder style is extremely popular and quite old as well.

This has been the norm in traditional Victorian gowns dating back to the mid 19th century as well, where both the shoulders were left bare instead of just one. In some cases, this is also regarded as sleeveless although that terminology is incorrect. It actually means a top with no sleeves, as opposed to one that is creating sleeves with the help of the shoulders. This design technique is widely used in a lot of western attires and has recently been incorporated into Indian ethnic garments. The core look is extremely interesting and allows designers to add a style touch or modernity to the outfit worn. Contemporary versions of traditional Indian clothes that incorporate this look are the choli. This is the norm while creating a lehenga choli, and the blouse with the creation of a saree. This look has not been incorporated into the salwar kameez as yet. Drop shoulder tops are fairly common these days and can be found quite easily in India, though they are still more commonly used in western and indo western garments designed or available in the country. Of the many variants of the garments imbibing this style, the most popular is the drop shoulder sweater. It allows women to create an interesting visual in winter by showing the color or the texture of the top underneath. Many women also choose to pair such a sweat with either spaghetti strapped inner or tank tops to show the strap on the shoulder that is being dropped. In case of a sweater that has both shoulders dropped, this creates an extremely feminine and delicate visual. It is most commonly worn for casual events or occasions like a weekend brunch or casual meeting with friends. While many women also choose to wear the garment to their place of work as well, it is not the best place for it to shine. A drop shoulder coat, on the other, lends a slightly more formal air and is much more suited to the work environment than the sweater. Drop shoulder sweatshirts with interesting graphics are also fairly popular forms of attire that incorporate this look. One of the latest and most popular drop shoulder sweater pattern is what is known as the Christmas sweater pattern as that is a style that is trending and ideal for winter months. This is worn mostly by internet savvy women who want to channel a slightly hipster aura.

It is also not uncommon for women to wear a drop shoulder dress during the summer or spring months. Since the whole point of such a style is to reveal the shoulder, it does not make sense to pair it with a cardigan on top. That is precisely why they are worn in summer months. Casual dresses with a drop shoulder can be worn during the day for informal events while a well fitted gown or evening dress with a drop shoulder can be worn for more formal or semi formal events that are based at night or in the evening. A drop shoulder shirt can also be worn casually.

Styling the drop shoulder

Depending on the drop shoulder pattern used in the designed dress, this style can be paired with almost anything to create an interesting look. For a sweater or a shirt, the ideal companion comes in the form of well fitted denim jeans and a sturdy pair of ankle length boots to create a great winter ensemble that keeps one warm and stylish. To complete the look, women usually wear chunky street jewelry or glass beads jewelry to create a look that is extremely chic and highly accessible. Similarly, a hat can also be added if it is too cold.

On the other hand, for a more spring oriented look or summer oriented look, you can pair a drop shoulder dress with light wedge heel or high heeled shoes like platform shoes. It can also be paired with colorful leggings to create an interesting look. For a more toned down aura, women tend to pair this garment with flat V shaped foot wear such as flip flops as they look great with this girlish and casual outfit. Again light junk jewelry is the most appropriate for this.