Print Me Floral!

Print Me Floral!

The only thought that comes to mind when talked about fashion is nothing but personal style combined with comfort. For one person, it can be simplicity whereas for other person, it represents glamour or modernity. There has been much change in the history of fashion in 1900’s.

The entire journey is quite inspiring and striking one along with detours a plenty from the flapper girls 20’s displaying disdain for conventional dress as well as behavior and throws itself to the sheer elegance of maharani Gaytri Devi’s pastel chiffon saree to candid colored outfit of 1950’s America.

Floral Prints

It was during 1950’s that retro fashion became a trend. It was during this period that anything going became a culture with result being a more expressive form of fashion with bold colors and when flower print was adopted. These days, flower prints have made a comeback and have become a latest fad.

Polka prints form a part of the parcel of flower print and have made a comeback with bright colors. But still the question of adapting western culture to India’s context is still on a debate. However the opposite trend cannot be missed. The reason being if Indians imitate the west, the same applies to westerners who fall back into the dust of India for many inspirations to their clothing.

Forever beautiful motif

As per the forecast, every seasonal fashion is mechanized. Both summers as well as monsoons allure good big floral prints. It is best weather that suits floral prints. During early days, floral prints became popular with synthetic saree or fabric but these days, it available in any kind of fabric. There are women tunics owing good floral prints that in turn can be worn with jeans.

beige-saree-with-lace-border georgette-floral-printed-saree yellow-and-pink-art-silksaree

Although the designs are essentially Indian in spirit but they are global in wearibility. The print often follows the quite soft lines of garden flowers essentially in subtle hues with nostalgic shades of fading red wine. They spread widely across the drapes to the pronounce oodles of sensuality.

You can even play with baby doll outfits in floral, polka geometrical prints animal and kitsch patterns. Additionally, there will also be some fluorescent colors like hot pink, electric blue, sea green and peach orange and Camry yellow reminiscent of exotic tropical floral prints.

Looks great on every attire

Delicate hues such as lavender and crystal or pink and green water color floral print have become a big this season. A modern look indo-western style that owes a touch of Indian tradition has now been chosen as today’s fashion style statement.

slit-cut-resham-embroidered-suitembroidered-straight-cut-suit floral-print-punjabi-suit

Floral prints come beautifully on flowing materials such as chiffon and georgette. Floral printed sarees and salwar kameez are a huge storm these days and are available only at Utsav at best bargains.