Stylish Roll Neck

Roll neck is the term given to polo necks in the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, this is a type of neckline in which the collar is rolled down to form a double layer of fabric around the neck. Typically the roll neck is made of a thick, pliable material that can be folded back neatly. The women’s roll neck is slightly different than the men’s roll necks. They both are round and cover the neck almost completely; but for women, the design is generally more close-fitting, while men often get a more loose-fitting design.

This is actually quite an old type of neckline which has been used in western culture for many centuries. Their history can be traced back at least as far as the 15th century, though they became a commonly worn design only in the 19th century. In the last hundred years, roll necks have enjoyed a fluctuating amount of popularity. They have been associated with many different fashion styles and movements, from the feminist movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s to the preppy style of the ‘90s. They have a diverse set of associations. For some they represent rebellion and non-conformity, while for others, they are the hallmark of the chic, preppy look. Either ways, there is no denying the stylishness of roll neck dresses.

Typically, these outfits are only worn in the winter months. A roll neck dress generally provides a good amount of protection for the neck area and thus preserves the warmth of the body. At the same time, the close-fitting look is far from chunky or unflattering. It is thus comfortable and warm without giving up on the style factor. This is its biggest appeal for many women as well as men.

There are many different types of garments in which the roll neck design can be used. Besides the typical winter dresses, which are so popular in western countries, one can also see them being used in tops, sweaters, t-shirts and tunics. Even in Indian fashion, roll necks have become quite common. They are mostly used in ethnic tunics and tops meant for winter months. The major distinguishing characteristic between these and the western tunics is that the former come with beautiful Indian motifs and printed designs. Designer sari blouses sometimes come with unusual necklines and the roll neck happens to be one of them.

Traditionally, full sleeves are combined with roll necks to create the fully covered, conservative aesthetic. However, the women’s roll neck top often comes with bolder, more experimental designs as well. The sleeve-length as well as the over-all length of the garment can be varied to create a more sensual look. A roll neck crop top, for instance, is a trendy sub-variety which ends at the waist, showing off the navel. It can be worn on its own, as a statement upper wear garment, or it can be worn over a stylish tunic made of a thinner material.

Another popular variety is the roll neck sleeveless top which comes with a design that leaves the arms bare. In fact, even the halter neck polo has become quite popular. Here, the top is cut till the neck, revealing the shoulders. The contrast of bold and conservative in this outfit creates an interesting visual which makes it the perfect outfit for those with edgy tastes in fashion. The use of such apparently skimpy designs also makes it easier for women to layer different garments in autumn and winter months. A wide variety of interesting looks can be created by pairing up these boldly cut polo neck sweaters and tops with cardigans and tunics.

Beautiful Roll Neck

Roll necks are staging a huge fashion comeback at the moment. They have a unique vintage charm due to their popularity in past decades of fashion. In western as well as Indian fashion, the high neck design is all the rage and this has naturally helped roll necks get back into the limelight as well. This type of neckline is actually quite versatile and can be used in garments for all occasions. From formal dresses for winter parties to casual tunics for summer wear, roll necks are a great addition to a number of fashionable garments.

These stylish outfits have to be accessorized correctly to create a truly fashionable ensemble. It is a common myth that no neck accessories can be worn with roll neck dresses. In fact, certain types of necklaces can actually be the ideal jewelry pieces for this neckline. Typically, chunky, long necklaces with beads and metallic ornaments are the best bet. They will pair particularly well with a garment in a stark color, such as a black roll neck top dress. Alternatively, women can go for hoop earrings, dangle earrings and pearl studs, depending on the design of the top, blouse or dress. Bracelets and bangles are only a good idea if the garment does not have long sleeves.