Short Sleeve Tunics & Tops: Stunning Ideas In Myriad Of Fabrics & Ways To Style Them

Short Sleeve Tunics & Tops: Stunning Ideas In Myriad Of Fabrics & Ways To Style Them

Short sleeve tunics are some of the most informal yet trendy garments for dressing that are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. While they are inspired by western clothing, certain varieties have taken on a uniquely Indian flavor as well. Many also refer to the tunic top as a ‘kurti’. Short sleeve tunic tops are one of the most versatile types of Indo-Western informal clothing, making it appealing to a wide demographic of women.

The short sleeve tunic is ideal for the summer months due to the ideal sleeve length for warmer weather. However, women have sported these tops in other seasons along with suitably warm outer clothes, making it a statement of fashion for the whole year. The advantage of a tunic is that it is one of those garments that can be created using just about any fabric, right from light ones like cotton and chiffon to heavier ones like silk. This flexibility in fabric gives a lot of room in terms of experimentation with styles, embellishments, patterns and colors, thus making a short sleeve tunic top both versatile and stylish.

Cotton Tunics

Plain Cotton Asymmetric Tunic in YellowPrinted Cotton Tunic in White and Black

While cotton is quintessentially summer fabric, short sleeve tunics in this fabric are highly preferred in light pastel shades such as pale blue, baby pink, pistachio green and more in order to beat the heat. Women also prefer selecting floral prints over others as this is reflective of the blossoming life during these months.

Chiffon & Georgette

Chiffon and georgette too are very light and airy fabrics that make for some of the trendiest short sleeve tunic tops in the market. Embellishments on these types range from needlework to sequin work and stonework. This is why women tend to prefer tunics in these fabrics over cotton or linen, which offer a limited scope for experimentation even though they are great options for the summer season.

Block Printed Georgette High Low Tunic in BlueOmbre Pure Chiffon Asymmetric Tunic in Fuchsia

Many a time, these garments are designed in a way that highlights the simple yet intricate needlework in the patterns. Women who like simpler, unassuming garments go for a plain tunic with minimal yet artistic embellishments. The white short sleeve tunic is one of the most popular buys in this category.

The beauty of the tunic silhouette is highlighted in the intricate embellishments along the neckline and sleeves of the tunic top. Another aspect of the tunic top that women with a nonchalant style of dressing go for is a casual cut of the tunic top. They prefer loose fits and comfortable tunic tops, although these garments, in and of themselves, highlight the curves of a woman really well.

Women who have a more gregarious nature usually gravitate towards more colorful and heavily embellished tunic tops. They also tend to prefer silhouettes that are form-fitting, chic and sometimes even sensuous as opposed to off-hand and cool. A short sleeve tunic dress or sequined tunics top, for instance, are the types of garments that women with this type of style preference usually go for.

The list of prints and motifs that can be worked into a tunic of this type is unending. Ethnic styles such as paisleys, blossoms and vines, exotic birds and other traditional styles are sought out just as much as artsy western motifs such as polka dots, geometric patterns, abstracts and more.

Style Tips To Nail The Look

Tunics are such a nifty garment in the closet that they can be relied upon on a day when most other items in the closet seem unappealing. Tunics as a garment type are generally loose fitting and the length of the garment extends a little beyond the hips. As the top is meant to be baggy and free, they are worn with leggings and fitted jeans. Women prefer wearing either leggings or churidars with it.

Hand Embroidered Georgette Cowl Style Tunic with Palazzo in BlueStone Studded Heart Shaped Earrings

A black short sleeve tunic, for instance, can be paired with blue denims and colorful accessories that highlight the neck and bust of the wearer. Fitted tunic tops with short sleeves can be teamed with looser pants such as balloon pants, harem pants and dhoti pants. The overall idea is to showcase the silhouette of the wearer as seen in the top.

The advantage of short sleeves in a tunic top is the room for extensive accessorizing on the arms, although this should not be over-the-top. For instance, it is a good idea to complete the look with an ornate baajubandh or amulet in silver. However, it can also be substituted with henna and mehendi tattoos in simple yet intricate designs.

The look of a short sleeve tunic top can be further accentuated by donning ornate stone studded earrings in similar colors. Beaded necklaces or long chains with statement pendants are also great accessories for this ensemble.