Beautiful Square Neckline Dress

Beautiful Square Neckline Dress

A square neckline dress is exactly what it sounds like. This term refers to a dress with a square shaped neckline that creates extremely interesting and striking visual aesthetics. This suits those women who want to highlight their collarbone or neck, or just want to wear a style, which is slightly different from the usual necklines that you generally find in the market. This kind of neckline goes a long way in creating an appealing silhouette or shape when it comes to the torso. You do so by making the neck and shoulders appear wider than they actually are while the remainder of the torso tapers down. This kind of shape is ideal for women who want to have an hourglass shape as well as for women who have smaller shoulders and lesser curves (as it does create an illusion of curves around the torso and chest). As this is a slightly different approach to the neckline, more and more women who enjoy experimenting with fashion and cuts have embraced this style and made it their own. Not only is this neckline available in indo western garments, it is also a common feature in Indian ethnic attire as well.

A square neckline wedding dress is one of the most popular rising trends in the market. You can incorporate this neckline into any outfit. For instance, the well loved lehenga set can easily pull off this style and be created in different ways without any hassles. In this case, the choli of the lehenga set will incorporate this neckline and may or may not have embroidery work done around it. When paired with a variety of other cuts pertaining to the rest of the choli such as backless, corset, sleeveless or cap sleeved cuts, this kind of neckline can look extremely modern and attractive on anyone. Similarly, this kind of neckline can also be incorporated into other looks or garments. The immensely regal floor length anarkali suit looks extremely stunning when square necklines are added to it. This is mostly because while this outfit is highly stately, it is also quite modest in terms of the cuts. It means that this neckline adds just the right amount of contemporary aesthetics and a modern approach to an extremely traditional yet popular garment. In this case, the neckline is added to the kurta of the anarkali, which then tightens around the chest and flares out from the empire waistline. Thus, this works as a square neckline top. When it comes to other popular square neckline dresses, one can find this cut on saree blouses, kurtis and indo western tops as well.

In terms of other outfits like a black dress, square necklines look absolutely great, especially if the dress creates great contours with its shape. This can be worn for formal events or night based events as well. Other types can also be worn for casual events or day based events as well.

Styling Dresses With Square Necklines

Dresses with square neckline can be styled quite easily because the neckline itself is so interesting that it is not hard to come up with other items that compliment this look. One of the best ways to accessorize an outfit with this neckline is to pair a choker necklace with it, which would act as contrasting shapes of the tight round necklace along with the wide square neckline. This looks absolutely fantastic. Avoid pairing a long necklace with such necklines because it can completely take away the beauty of the entire look.

Other than this, women can pair practically anything else with these kinds of necklines and look absolutely fantastic no matter what. For footwear, it’s important to first consider whether the outfit is for a formal event or a casual one. For formal events, it’s best to pair stylish high heeled shoes like platform shoes, stilettos and gladiator heels. They look quite fantastic. On the other hand, for a more casual event, you can wear flat V shaped footwear like flip flops with sequins or pump shoes quite easily with any outfit.

When it comes to handbags, depending on the kind of outfit being worn, Indian handbags can be paired successfully with this outfit. These kinds of bags include items like silk pouches, cutdana handbags, embroidered handbags, and jholas. They look great with a variety of different outfits. At the same time, for an indo western outfit, western handbags can also be worn in order to highlight that aspect of the overall aesthetics. Other accessories such as bindis or bangles can look great too depending on the kind of outfit that is being worn by the person who is wearing them.