Sporting a Dress with a Sweetheart Neckline

Sporting a Dress with a Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is one of the most feminine necklines that have taken the fashion industry by storm. The fact that they are very popular with audiences the world over, in a plethora of different costume styles, is testament to the gorgeousness of this style. A dress with a sweetheart neckline is one where the silhouette of the neck is shaped in a curvaceous and wide V-shape, such that the curves are highlighted in a classy yet sensuous way. Dresses with sweetheart necklines can not only be found in Western fashion, they are equally popular in Indian ethnic fashion as well. Right from saree blouses to salwar kameez, lehenga cholis and wedding wear garments, every ensemble can feature the sweetheart neckline if the wearer so wishes. In any Indian dress, sweetheart neckline designs tend to be the more popular style because of the general body type of an Indian woman, which is voluptuous and curvy. Therefore, women prefer this neckline for all special occasions and parties as it shows off all the right curves in the ideal way.

In party wear salwar kameez dresses, sweetheart neckline designs are especially popular as one of the most integral parts of the embroidery on a salwar kameez set is bound to be focused around the neck. While the sleeves and the hem of the kameez also feature the work, women lay special emphasis on the work around the neck as it is one of the most delicate yet enticing features of women. The softness of the collar bone can be highlighted in this style along with the curves. Moreover, this also gives way for creative dupatta draping styles. While a lot of women tend to go the traditional route with the dupatta draped closely around the neck, other women go for other creative styles such as the one shoulder drape. Other popular styles of draping that often accompany this neckline is the draping of the dupatta around the waist, with both ends brought to the front and wrapped around the wrists once. The most popular salwar kameez style that is often completed with this neckline is that of the Anarkali. Quintessentially feminine in and of itself, a red sweetheart neckline dress style in the Anarkali for instance, is the epitome of beauty, sensuousness and boldness.

Women also opt for the sweetheart neckline for saree blouses, especially those that are to be worn with modern, designer sarees. The black sweetheart neckline dress blouse paired with a lightweight saree in net, jacquard, chiffon or georgette is among the more popular buys in the Indian fashion industry. The styling of this neckline is so revolutionary that many women have also begun paring it with traditional silk sarees. The blouse adds the perfect amount of modernity to a traditional saree such as a Kanjivaram, a Baluchari saree, Chanderi silk sarees and Upadda sarees among others. However, women also prefer sporting the sweetheart neckline only with silk sarees as the neckline itself is more appropriate for parties and festive occasions like weddings.

One of the biggest uses of this neckline in the Indian fashion industry can be seen in the creation of wedding ensembles. In wedding dresses, sweetheart neckline designs are very popular especially when the ensemble comprises of a lehenga choli. For instance, in Indian princess style wedding dresses, sweetheart neckline designs are extremely popular as is the silhouette of the dress itself. The fitted bodice till the waist along with the cutout neckline is the perfect companion to a flared bridal lehenga skirt.

Besides ethnic ensembles, bridal gowns are also sought after. In the genre of wedding gowns, sweetheart neckline designs have to be accessorized with a lot of care. In bridal gowns, sweetheart neckline designs are usually complemented with brocaded jackets for women with heavy upper arms, although going bare is just as bold and attractive. In any wedding gown, sweetheart neckline designs need to be embellished distinctively, such that they flow seamlessly into the skirt while also standing out as a separate element of the ensemble.

Styling a sweetheart neckline

Designer blouses (i.e. either choli blouses for lehengas or saree blouses) with sweetheart necklines can be tailored in many different ways so that the overall look is striking. Jewelry items such as the Meenakari necklaces from Rajasthan are ideal for this neckline as it can draw the eyes towards the neckline itself.

When wearing a sweetheart neckline with a traditional garment like the Kanjivaram saree, one can go bare i.e. without any accessories for the neck, so that the neckline itself makes a statement.

Brides can go for heavy Polki jewelry or Kundan jewelry, as one doesn’t have to worry about the dupatta covering up the necklace since the neckline is designed in such a way that any accessory worn at the neck, is bound to stand out.