Stylish Turtleneck Clothing

Stylish Turtleneck Clothing

A Turtleneck, also known as a polo neck, a skivvy or a roll-neck, is a garment that has a close fitting and a high, round collar. It folds over and covers the neck. The term can also be used to refer to a type of neckline known as turtle neckline along with the style of the collar itself. Turtleneck garments have historical roots that stretch many centuries back. Although the earliest records of turtleneck like garments date back to the 15th century, they gained popularity during the late 19th century. It is then when they were regularly worn by workers, athletes, naval officers and even sailors. From 20th century onwards, the black turtleneck has become closely associated with academics, radical thinkers, philosophers, artists and intellects. In the 1920’s, polo necks became a middle-class fashion statement with women fighting for equal rights and turning them into an item of unisex clothing. In the 1950’s, the turtleneck was adopted as part of the preppy style movement amongst school and college students. It symbolized neatness and grooming. By the mid-20th century, the polo neck was absorbed into mainstream fashion. This was also the time when it started to be worn as a substitute for the tie and became an acceptable alternative to formal dressing. Over time, it has also grown to be accepted as a form of women’s wear. Nowadays, turtleneck tops have become a common fashion fad among women. Turtleneck Sweaters in elegant silk or nylon have also become largely popular and have become immensely popular in the fashion world.

A simple variant of the standard polo neck is the mock polo neck. It has a soft fold at its top, but unlike the standard polo neck, both ends of the tube forming the color are sewn to the neckline. The mock polo neck is very much in vogue because it clings to the neck smoothly and is really easy to manufacture. It works really well with a zip closure. There are many different types of turtleneck garments that have become popular in current times. For instance, men can go for simple turtleneck sweaters and full length turtleneck t shirts to make a style statement. Polo neck sweaters and t shirts with embroidery work are a must have for anyone wanting to make a positive impression. When it comes to summer wear, men can opt for sleeveless, cotton turtleneck shirts and sleeveless turtleneck t-shirts to beat the heat in style. Again, choosing sleeveless polo neck shirts with embroidery work is going to help make a bigger style statement. On the other hand, women can opt for a turtleneck dress to look more classy and fashionable.

Polo neck clothing is made up using a variety of materials ranging from cotton and silk to wool and nylon. In summers, it is advisable to opt for polo neck clothes that are made up from cotton and silk. This is because cotton and silk are summer materials that are mostly used for summer clothes. Similarly, in the winters one should opt for turtleneck clothes that are made using wool and nylon. This is because both wool and nylon are materials that capture body heat and help people keep warm when the temperatures get cold.

Stunning Turtleneck Fashion

While wearing an embroidered turtleneck outfit can make a very stylish look, pairing up your turtleneck outfit with a different outfit or accessory is going to help you make an even bigger impression. For starters, when it comes to women, the key to pulling off a turtleneck outfit is to pair it up with other outfits that will complement it beautifully. For instance, women can pair up their polo neck sweaters with a colorful tunic having a v-neck design. Most polo neck outfits go really well with a layer of v-neck clothing. Women can also pair up their polo neck sweaters and blouses with skirts in pastel and light colors to help create a contemporary formal look. Leggings in pastel and light colors will also go really well with black turtleneck sweaters and tops. Turtleneck for men’s clothing mainly includes polo neck shirts and t shirts. Men can pair up their polo neck sweaters with blue and red blazers as well as jackets in dark shades. Apart from these, men can match their turtleneck outfits with harem pants in light pastel shades.

Women can also accessorize their polo neck outfits with some fine jewelry. For starters, a black polo neck sweater would go really well with silver or gold dangling earrings. Small pearl ear rings will also blend in really with polo neck dresses and sweaters in dark shades. Similarly, women can pair up their turtleneck outfits with silver and gold bracelets to help pull off an elegant and stylish look.